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Default Holiday Event? Yeah or Nah? [Prizes posted] xoxo

So, I've recently remembered you guys (sorry, finals are really taking a toll on me this year), and was wondering if we should string together a last minute event or just leave it be?

I've come up with two ideas:

1: A Secret Santa.
Post in this thread that you'd like to participate and on December 24th, I'll message you the username of the person you'll be giving a gift to. Then, you must message mt back by the 30th saying what you're giving the person. The gift must obviously be in your party/inventory. Then I will post in this thread (or I may make another, not sure yet) saying who got what. c: If you don't send a gift by the 27th, then you will not receive the gift your Santa sent you. Thus, only join if you're actually willing to give a gift to somebody. :3
2: A Winter Tournament.
This would start on Christmas day (25th), or sometime soon after, depending on what you guys decide and will consist of eight participants (so first come, first serve!) and will go on until there is a winner. the preliminary rounds will be just three Rounds each, but the final battle will go until a Pokemon faints in actuality.
Any other suggestions, feel free to suggest below. c: I know my ideas were pretty generic. cx It'd also be helpful if you could bold your vote, or make it another color, just so it's easier to spot.

Thanks, guys. Sorry for such a last minute thread. :'c

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