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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS] (Sign-Ups Now Closed. May Reopen)

Name: Kenzy Laurel

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hometown and Country: Paris, Idaho, USA

Personality: Kenzy Laurel is a hardy potato farmer from Idaho who isn’t easily intimidated by hard work. She has a deep sense of responsibility and duty, and she will stick to a task until she sees it done. She expects the same kind of effort from those around her, which leads her to be a bit bossy. Kenzy can be quite stubborn and bull-headed, never giving up without a fight. There isn’t much that can frighten her, though being a farm gal she can be a bit na´ve in big cities. At the same time, she loves to joke and tease about the silly city folk and their fancy-pansy lifestyles.

History: Idaho has been Kenzy’s home for as long as she can remember. Farming had always been a part of her life, even since she was small. The Potato harvest was always an important time of year for her family. The precious tubers are iconic to Idaho for a reason, and they certainly grow a lot in south. The Laruels especially were a large, successful grower, and had been for many generations.

Kenzy was always expected to do her part. She was even allowed to miss several weeks of school to help with the harvest. It was through farming that she learned the value of hard work, and the duties placed on her shoulders helped her to be fearless and strong.

Kenzy is currently a junior in her small town’s high school, where she works as hard for her studies as she does for her farm. Despite her excellent grades, she hasn’t given too much thought to the future. Farming was all she knew, and all she expected to do for the rest of her life. The thought never crossed her mind that fate might have other plans for her…

Appearance: Kenzy is a bit on the tall side, but her work on the farm has made her physically strong. She usually doesn’t dress to impress—she’s happy with a simple t-shirt and jeans. When she can, she wears a baseball cap over her long, red hair (pink with a John Deer logo). Her skin isn’t really that fair, despite the red hair, and is usually pretty tanned from working in the sun all day. Come winter, though, she does get a little pale.

Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname: Turtwig (Grover)

Bunnying Rights: Won’t worry about it right now

I'm interested to see what "trait" you give her :D

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