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From the vantage point in the tree you see a path of berries. You climb down quickly and rush over. You run through the grassing failing to notice a little guy enjoying berries. As you reach for the berries he pops out.

"SUN SUN!" the little guy seems upset.

Wild Pokemon appears

You found the berries but there is one catch, you need to go through the little guy to get them. Write a paragraph about the battle it to get the berries free.
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgey), Rotta(Rattata)
Currently: Battling Sunkern

"I knew it. Something is watching me. I guess I made it angry from stealing its berry" Akmal thought to himself.

"Sorry Sunkern my team need to eat something. Let's just finish it. Pyro use Flame Burst"
"That ought to do it since grass is weak against fire" Akmal thought.

But the Sunkern still can fight and it's about to attack. Sunkern use Stun Spore on Vulpix.
Vulpix is Paralyzed. "Oh no!! Pyro return." Akmal called back Pyro into its pokeball.

"Your turn Vuelo. I know you're kinda weak right now but Flying type should have an advantages too against Grass type so use Sand Attack followed by Gust!" Pidgey do as Akmal says using the all the power that it have left.

"Noo the Gust is not strong enough. Why am I having trouble defeating a little Sunkern?" Akmal wondered as Sunkern ready for the next attack which is Mega Drain.
It was a crictical hit and Pidgey had fainted.

"Now it's all up to you Rotta.. Go!!" Akmal use his last Pokemon.
"Let attack it continuously use Crunch, Hyper Fang and finished it with Quick Attack" Rattata attack without further ado.

Finally the Sunkern fainted. "Fiuhh that was close. Sorry guys. Let's take a rest eat some berry and continue to the next city"

Akmal let his pokemon rest and eat some berries to regain some health.
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