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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Omega is Mewtwo, for your information. Yhea, I am naming all the Psychic Pokemon off of the Greek Alphabet.)

Girius (OK) Monarch (OK) Belt (OK) Natasha (OK) Bloodwraith (OK?) Unreality (OK)

*In order, the tombs show pictures of a Blastoise, a Dragonite, a Scyther, an Alakazam, a Ninetails (Imprinted in Dark Stone), and an Electabuzz. Markus inspects the back: A seventh Pokemon, unrecognizable, has it's shape inscribed into the ground behind the tombs, listed as 'Omega'*

...Well, let's not linger here...*Takes the old PokeBall*...Now that I look at it, this PokeBall definately looks all worn and torn, like it's been around for a hundred years or so...But this isn't nearly as heavy as a regular one...Much lighter...And all the parts are there...Ugh, this whole room's just pecking at my mind...And this thing more so...Might as well keep it, if you Unown aren't going to mind.

Uhh, will you mind?

Ah, let's move on. *Moves deeper into the catacombs*
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