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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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The little blue duck lays there for a moment as you walk away. It pushes itself back up. It shakes off the grass attack and seems even more annoyed this time. As it takes off towards you it uses Bubblebeam to knock you to the ground. The little duck circles around landing right in front of you.
"Duck Duck !"

It stands it ground as you get up.

Write a paragraph about your continued battle.

Trainer: Steak
Currently: the rudeness continues

you get up and calmly brush yourself off.
it looks like somebody still wants to play.
well, mister Ducklett, playtime's over.

you send out Lemongrab to do what he does best.

he looks Ducklett dead in the eye and concentrates. Ducklett aims a Water Gun attack, but it evaporates before it reaches Lemongrab. the area gets brighter. the sun, much warmer...

Ducklett notices how sunny it is and opts for its Flying moves, and hones in for a Wing Attack. as it closes in, Lemongrab quickly glows and fires off SolarBeam, hitting Ducklett point blank. and he doesn't stop there. Lemongrab fires blast after blast of SolarBeam.

you return Lemongrab as the dust settles and, once again, walk away.

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