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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Face Plant

I fell out of the tree immediately after I heard the voices in my head address Route 24 as generous. I actually had no idea what that came from.

I face PLANTed right into a bush. A woman must've seen my fall, because she ran over to me. "A-are you alright?! Poor child!" She was hysterical.

"Yeah I'm alright..." i raised up dusting my shorts off.

"Oh I'm so sorry! Maybe these will make you feel better?!" She handed me some little heart-shaped objects and a cup.

Corey obtained the Sweet Hearts and some Berry Juice!

"Tah tah!" She waved goodbye. How random.

I popped a sweetheart into my mouth. It tasted divine...

"Oh?! I wonder..." I contemplated. "Yes, it must work!"

I dropped the remaining sweethearts into the Berry Juice and stirred. A pleasant aroma wafted from the cup. "This will make a nice Pokemon Attractant!" I smiled. I hid behind the bush I fell in and waited for something to happen.
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