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Official's Post

Before you can run too far, you suddenly run into something--a person! You back up and try to give an apology, but they suddenly start laughing.


"That was pretty gutsy of you," the stranger smirks at you. "Attacking my Gyarados like that. Pretty clever using confuse ray and sand attack like that, too. What's your name, kid?"

As he waits for your reply, he returns the Gyarados to his Poke Ball.
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Akmal stumped when he knew that rampanging Gyarados belong to someone else "That Gyarados is yours? Why is it rampaging and attacking someone out of nowhere?" Akmal asked the person.
"Well I need to do something right? I don't wanna be defeated by what I thought is a 'wild pokemon'." Akmal explained.
"By the way I'm Akmal and you are?"
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