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Default Re: Route 24

Trainer: Corey Ty


"Alright," I started calm;y/ "It's not over yet. I must catch the Blitzle." I held in my awesome excited explosion. "Now, Timer Ball, you will be the chosen weapon. Someone with a base speed lower than Blitzle..." Well that was pretty much everyone but Typhlosion. I didn't want to mess this up, no, not while I was this close. Squirtle and Tranquill were weak, Gothita and Spoink might over kill, and Typhlosion was too fast. That left the perfect choice.

"Sage, get in there!" I dashed over to Blitzle. "Use Role Play!"

Sage summoned up a ball of psychic energy, it hit Blitzle, but caused no damage. It rushed back to Sage engulfing him. This means Sage has either absorbed Motor Drive or Lightningrod, making it impervious to Blitzle's attacks.

"Blitzleeee!" it dashed over to Sage covered in electricity. This was Wild Charge! Sage sucked up the electricity. His speed rose! He was almost as fast as Blitzle! This means Blitzle's ability is Motor Drive!

"Sage, use Acrobatics!" I called.

Nimbly and quickly, Sage flipped in a thrice and landed on Blitzle with great force.

"Blit....Zle!" It cried, readying Flame Charge. It was intelligent, it knew what Pansage did. I like that/

"Sage make your move! Seed Bomb nooow!" I commanded.

"Sage-age-age-age-age-age!" The seed pellets bombarded Blitzle, stopping in in it's tracks.

"Now, Leaf Storm go!" I pointed.

"Paaaaaaan...SAAAGE!" A cluster of leafs arose against Blitzle, stunning it. After the leaves cleared, Blitzle was ready for capture.

"Alright! Timer Ball! Get it!" I flung the ball. It hit Blitzle and began to rock back and forth. It stopped and...
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