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Default Re: Route 9

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Shoot...

"Torrent?! Are you okay?!" I called to him.

"Ye-yeah I'm fine..." he smiled back.

"Alright then, Hydro Pump!" I pointed.

The large volume of pressurized water erupted. It hit Sandile head on, but he wasn't going down again with out a fight. He snapped back and used Foul Play. Luckily, the damage was low because of Squirtle's low attack stat.

"Alright, Torrent, your ability, should take effect here. Hydro Pump--full power!" I echoed.

"Squirtleeeeee........" WIIIIISH! Squirtle's body was glowing blue, and the water was a a much greater volume and pressure. This took Sandile down. Now was my chance again.

"Alright, last Nest Ball. C'mon!" I tossed it. I crossed my fingers as the ball rocked back and forth...
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