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Richie laughs again and continues that cocky smile of his. "Rampaging? Ol' Gyara wasn't rampaging. He was testing your courage!"

The brunette tosses his Gyarados' ball up and down in his hand, a glint of pride in his eye. "This guy's my pride and joy! Raised him from a Magikarp myself! I'm Richie, by the way. Sorry to give ya a scare there, Akmal. But I have to say, I like your pluck! It takes a pretty even head to face danger like that--not that you were in any danger, haha! Why don't you take this?"

Akmal received a Level Ball!

"I'm sure it'll do you good further down the road," Richie winked. "It was a pleasure meeting ya, Akmal! Keep up that bravery, now--don't let the big fish scare ya."

Richie laughed one last time before parting ways with Akmal, looking for yet another victim to scare.
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"Wow really? You seems to be a nice guy. Thanks for the ball" Akmal thanked Richie.
"Let's meet up again someday" Akmal said
"What a lucky day haha~" Akmal seems glad.
He continue wandering at Route 2 to find more pokemon that can be captured
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