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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(I got a Leaf Stone as part of a small bit involving the previously mentioned Glomm, but it belonged to someone else (his trainer). Said trainer, however, already evolved his Pokemon to Vileplume, and the stone seemed to be a spare. What do I do about that?)

Logan Falchino
Kunai, KatAna and Divebomb (All Asleep), Buddy the Hoppip
I'll make a note of that.

Squish, Squash, Squish, Squash. The noise his boots made against the track-deep mud was satisfying. He traced his (and the thief's) tracks back to where Glomm and his Trainer were. Squish, Squash, Squish, Squash.

"Hop op hopp Hoppip pip!" His Hoppip buddy shouted out, quite suddenly. You know what? Logan decided it's name was Buddy.

"W-what is it?" Logan asked. The Hoppip guided his head towards a path in the branches, southward (and technically leading back into the path). There was a direct route to Navi Town through there. No winding, no hikes, it was practically a paved road, sans pavement. Logan had to find Glomm and his Trainer again, but knew this 'road' would be useful. He sat on a root that fortunately lacked mud, took his boots off, and whacked the mud off of the boots onto a tree, leaving muddy marks. When he was satisfied that the tree was too muddy for him to miss again, he put his much-less muddy boots back on, and continued following his tracks back to the trainer's last position, certian that Buddy didn't spread Aromatherapy to the trainer and Glomm was too exausted to move much and wouldn't leave the trainer (if only because Glomm wanted to make said trainer as miserable as possible).

Official's Post

As you walk back towards the last place you saw the two you hope that you find them both okay. It takes you a little while to find your way back. To your surprise they are both gone...

What could have happened. You see tracks leading to the left and the tracks leading to the right. Which way do you go ?

Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgey), Rotta(Rattata)
Currently: Continue wandering at Route 2

"Wow I've found stars what a lucky day" Akmal happy with a random encounter.

"Let continue finding wild pokemon right guys"
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You are feeling lucky as you walk down route two. This route is filled with splendid sites maybe you should explore a little more of it?

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