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Originally Posted by Steak View Post
Location: Aurora City
Item(s): Running Shoes x 1
27 - 25 = 2
Link to stats:

Aurora City PokeMart Clerk

The clerk smiles.
"Those are a nice pair, they should get you pretty far !"

You receive

Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Location: Navi Town
Item(s): Old Rod
61 - 10 = 51
Link to stats:

Navi Town PokeMart Clerk

You walk in hoping to find a fishing rod and are happy to see they have an old rod sitting on the self. You pick it up and the guy and counter takes your stars.

"Good luck fishing out there ! "

You receive

JC walks into the Pokemart.
Location: Zenith
Great Ball - 12 stars
Nest Ball - 12 stars
Timer Ball - 12 stars
Net Ball - 12 stars


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