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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I know Katherine killed Abigail." Finn growled in response to Ichiru as he gazed at the group with utter rage.

Caroline took a step forward and Kiseki instantly reached out to stop her when sensing the negative emotions emitting from the Original, but before he could reach her, Finn had already grabbed the blonde by then neck after she had tried to place a gentle hand on his arm to calm him down and used his speed to pin her against a tree about fifteen feet away in the front yard.

"Caroline!" Kiseki’s yell mixed with Diana’s, and he ran outside along with Ichiru, Aiden, and the rest of the group.

"It's all of your guy's fault that Abigail is dead! You're the ones who brought Katherine back!" Finn shouted, then taking his hand and shoving it through Caroline’s chest. Kiseki’s eyes instantly turned blood red when she screamed in pain, and before Ichiru or Aiden could grab him, he started toward the Original along with Ashley.

"If anyone takes another step forward I will rip her heart out!" Finn threatened, and Aiden and the twins saw him give something - most likely Caroline’s heart - a yank, after which her skin slowly began to turn grey with darker veins slithering across it.

Ichiru quickly grabbed Kiseki once he had slowed down, knowing from experience that his brother would be unable to stay put.

"We're on the same side Finn." Kol tried to reason with his older brother as Kiseki struggled against Ichiru‘s grip.

"Katherine killed Abigail, so why should any of them live? They're responsible for her death since they brought back Katherine, so they all deserve to die." Finn hissed in response, yanking at Caroline's heart again as she fell unconscious.

Kiseki’s fangs pierced his gums as he fought with Ichiru, who somehow managed to keep a tight grip on him.

"Please Finn." Kotomi begged the Original as she took a few steps forward.

"Auntie Caroline!" Scarlet’s scream pierced the short silence afterward, bringing Ichiru to whip his head around to see both of them running toward Finn and Caroline, only to be stopped by Ashley and Isobel. He breathed a sigh of relief before turning his attention back to Kotomi.

"Listen to me Finn." She said in a steady voice as she slowly walked toward Finn.

"I said don't come closer." Finn growled although he didn’t make any moves as the younger Vampire continued toward him.

“Kotomi, don’t!” Aiden finally spoke from where he had been standing beside Ichiru, who was still holding back an enraged Kiseki.

"Kol is right about us being on the same side. We already agreed that we're going to kill Katherine, so we can all work together and find her. Let us help you find her." Kotomi spoke softly, and Aiden started to run over to them but stopped after the younger Vampire placed her hand on Finn’s arm and he still didn’t do anything. The two simply stared at each other for a few long moments before Finn seemed to visibly calm down and allowed Caroline’s unconscious body to fall to the ground - hopefully after putting her heart back where it belonged, which neither the twins nor Aiden could tell from where they stood.

The relief that Aiden felt lasted only a few seconds however, for when he looked at both Finn’s and Kotomi’s auras, he noticed that all of the darkness from Finn’s was transferring over to Kotomi.

“Sh*t..” He muttered, bringing Ichiru to look at him in question.

"Fine... we'll work together." Finn finally responded just before disappearing with his speed. Ichiru, who was unaware of the darkness Kotomi had just absorbed, finally let Kiseki go, and the dark haired Vampire was at Caroline’s side instantly as Lexi helped her to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Stefan asked Caroline, who nodded in response. Kiseki looked at the blood that stained her shirt, wondering if Finn had healed the wound or if he had simply put her heart back in place. But then again, if he hadn’t healed the wound, Caroline probably wouldn’t be conscious right now. Kiseki’s eyes were still red from the rage, although he had calmed down significantly. He turned his attention to Kotomi then as Aiden shot to her side like a bullet.

"Kotomi..." Kol whispered as he tilted the Vampire’s chin up to lock eyes with her, and Aiden froze when seeing the emptiness in her eyes. In just that short moment, dozens of memories flashed through his mind, leaving him immobile as the younger Vampire pushed Kol into the tree and shot toward the woods.

"Damon, Aiden, I'm gonna need your help." Kol’s word snapped Aiden out of his trance-like state, and he gave a nod in response, following after the other two Vampires.

"Should we follow?" Caroline asked after taking a deep breath.

"You aren't going anywhere." Isobel argued as she pointed to the house. "What happened to your body scared the hell out of us. Go inside and rest. Aiden, Kol and Damon will bring back Kotomi." Caroline nodded in response and walked back inside with the rest of the group while muttering something about why she always seemed to be the target.

Kiseki’s eyes still had yet to return to normal, which worried Ichiru, although he didn’t show it. The younger twin hadn’t spoken since Finn had almost killed Caroline, when normally he would have been the one to try and lighten the mood with positive words. However, despite this fact, he seemed genuinely relieved that Caroline was alright, which was good enough.

It only took a few moments for Aiden, Damon and Kol to catch up with Kotomi, the other Original grabbing Kotomi around the waist to stop her.

"Let me go!" She growled in pure rage as she struggled, her eyes turning the same blood red that Kiseki‘s had only moments before.

"You need to calm your little butt down!" Damon said as he stood in front of Kotomi and pinned her wrists to her sides.

"I can't even compel her to calm down because of the Vervain." Kol growled as Kotomi kicked Damon in the leg, bringing the younger Vampire to curse in pain.

"I've never seen her like this before." Damon said in concern as Kol suddenly used his speed to pin Kotomi against a tree.

"She took the darkness from an Original Vampire, so that emotion will heighten about ten times more than normal."

"How can we help her then?" As Damon asked this question, more flashbacks flooded Aiden’s mind. All of this seemed far too familiar for his liking.

"There's only one way I can think of right now." Kol responded as he glanced over to Damon, then back to Kotomi. "Sorry love." With that, he elbowed the younger Vampire in the left temple, and she fell unconscious immediately. Anger instantly flared up in Aiden from the sight, but he kept quiet for once, instead walking over to stand beside Damon.

"How the hell was that supposed to help her?" The dark haired Vampire hissed as Kol caught Kotomi's unconscious body.

"Well she stopped, didn't she?" He responded, and Aiden was sure that he and Damon had to be giving the Original the same look as he glared at him. Kol seemed to ignore it, instead looking down at Kotomi. "There was something wrong with her before... like she had a headache or something."

"Vampires don't get headaches though."

"Exactly, which is why I think something is wrong." Kol responded without looking up at Damon. Aiden remembered seeing Kotomi acting as if she had a headache as well, but when he had questioned her about it, he had gotten the usual ’I’m fine’ response, which he had expected but had also irritated him - especially since he had seen a lot of this already and wasn’t exactly ready to experience it again. "We have to figure out what's wrong with Kotomi and help her..."

“I’ve seen all of this before…” Aiden spoke without realizing as he looked at Kotomi, although his gaze shifted to Kol as he finally told him what he had told Kotomi several months ago. “That girl that you had to kill because she lost control to her ability… that was my sister. Before she was consumed by the darkness she started acting exactly the same as Kotomi is now. If we don’t do something quickly, there may not be much time left…” He looked back at Kotomi as worry clouded his silver eyes. “I remember someone saying that the amount of darkness they consume and how much they do it determines the rate of their descent into insanity. Maybe if we find some way to remove all of the darkness she’s absorbed from her aura, the effects of it will be reversed?”
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