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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Ichiru Kagami from District 3/ Michael Knight from District Two

After they had run so far into the woods, Kiseki and Caroline finally stopped. Instantly, Ichiru and Michael came to mind as the dark haired teen caught his breath, and he hoped with every fiber of his being that they had made it out alive.

He noticed Caroline moving from the corner of his eye, and looked over to see her putting one of her daggers away before walking over to him. Just as he caught his breath and turned toward her, the blonde wrapped her arms around him so tightly that it actually hurt a little, but he was so relieved that she had made it out alive and was here with him that it didn’t bother him at all. He returned the hug almost just as tightly, only loosening it a little when Caroline leaned back to connect her lips with his own. The chill of the thirty degree air and snow all around them seemed to melt away for the few moments that the kiss lasted, and the warmth lingered even after the blonde leaned back.

"I love you so much Kiseki." She said as she leaned her forehead against his own. He gave her a warm smile in response.

“I love you, too.”

“Hey, we can use this to wrap it up.” Kiseki froze when hearing another voice, although when he realized it was Michael, relief washed over him. But, who was he talking to? And who was hurt? Unless he had made another friend here in the arena - which was very unlikely this early in the Games - that could only be one person…

“We probably can’t stay here for long.” Ichiru's voice confirmed Michael’s thoughts, but that still didn’t tell them who the injured tribute was. “The other tributes will be retreating to the woods soon, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds us.”

“You’re right.” Michael responded. “We can stay here for a little while longer so Amelia can rest and then move later on before dark.”


"I think they're this way." Caroline managed to pinpoint the voices before Kiseki could, leading him in their direction by his hand. After a minute or two, they spotted Ichiru, Michael and an injured Amelia behind a bush. Amelia didn’t seem to be doing too well at all, this thought confirmed by the expression on Michael’s face as he sat beside her.

Ichiru heard the footsteps of the two tributes as they approached and quickly whipped around with his throwing knives in hand, but when seeing that it was only Kiseki and Caroline, he relaxed.

"Oh crap..." Caroline released Kiseki's hand and knelt down beside Amelia, quickly taking off the two backpacks she had been carrying and began to look through them for anything that may have been useful. Kiseki started to do the same, but the sound of a cannon stopped him. "The bloodbath must be over already." Caroline commented.

“It’s both a relieving and disturbing that it ended so quickly…” Ichiru said softly as Kiseki knelt down in the snow beside him. However, before he could say anything, he noticed Amelia shift slightly. Michael seemed to notice this as well, and was about to try and speak to her when she suddenly moved - most likely attempting to run or possibly even attack. Instead, she ended up face first in the snow, a muffled groan of pain escaping her as she attempted to curl up.

“You shouldn’t try to move too much with that wound.” Michael moved from where he had been sitting and carefully lifted her out of the snow, shifting her into a sitting position. “Don’t worry, we’re not your enemies.”

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

"Didn't get injured really. Might have pulled a muscle in my chivalrous charge, but apart from that completely fine." Keiru responded to Caitlyn with a smile, and the concerned expression on her face disappeared as she gave one of her own.

The sound of cannons ruined the peaceful moment, although silence returned after they fired eight times.

"I hope Amelia's alright..." Keiru straightened and rubbed a hand across his face with a sigh. "We're a long way past being down the creek without a paddle, and have long since started our impending arrival at the waterfall without any hopes of escape." He looked down at the sword in his hands. "We're either going to have to try and hook back up with Amelia somehow... though I have no idea where she is, head back to the Cornucopia and risk being ambushed, or try our luck out here." His gaze shifted to Caitlyn then, who had begun weighing the options. "I really did not think my plan through."

“I don’t think any of us did, really.” Caitlyn responded with a light chuckle. “I’m not sure myself, but… maybe we should try to find some water first, since we know that will be essential for survival.” She glanced at the snow the blanketed the world around them. “My first guess - and probably everyone else’s as well - would be to eat the snow, but that’s way too easy so there must be a catch.”
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