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Default Re: Route 10

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Orion?

I seemed to have made it through the fog, two days and six hours. Glad the running shoes took off about eight-teen hours. I could see the horizon of Orion. I was a quick run away, maybe ten minutes or less. My calculated time was 6:29 PM here, so I should be at Orion's entrance by then, and I'll go straight to the marts and then find this leader everyone is buzzing about.

What was her name...? Hmm, no matter, all I need to know is that the badge is in my case! I hear she's a good friend of Minako though, maybe that's where Minako got her wits and strength. I can overcome anything with my Pokemon though. The toughest challenge I've had to face was Parsons Molo. Hopefully this leader should be easier. I'll have top prepare when I get there...The type is Poison/Dark, so Psychics won't fair well. There's no double weakness. Fighting would probably do the best. Ground types would help too. We'll just have to see!

Leaving Route 10 and entering Orion City.

Here I come, Kaoru. D<
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