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i lol'd so hard watching this

iIalso had a near death experience one time, i was ten and some kid i knew was celebrating his birthday at the local swimming hall, quite a fancy one, with water slides and stuff, and they just built a new water slide, and i was all like ''i got to try this'', so i did, at first it seemed like a normal slide, but then i realized it was one of those cyclone slides with a huge room in it where you orbit around a hole in the center that you fall out off after a couple of circulations, and the moment i realized that i was all like ''oops, bad idea lol'' that was quite right, i fell directly towards the hole in the center (note: the pool you landed in was very small) and i was launched at full speed out of the slide and landed at the edge of the pool, head down, and blood was freaki'n everywhere, i think the water was colored red with blood, but i didnt notice, because i was too busy crying. Luckily, no injuries for me.
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