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Originally Posted by Steak View Post
Official's Post

Now, now, young lady. I hope you have learned your lesson! If you be good, you can even have dessert after dinner.

Regardless...what an emotional experience! You can see a teary-eyed Pokemon watching from nearby. It looks very concerned...

A wild Pichu appeared!
Worried about you!

Wild Pokemon or no Wild Pokemon, it wouldn't be surprising if you were a little too drained to do battle. But...wouldn't your friends be happy to see another member of the team, especially after you wordlessly shut them off?
Of course, perhaps there are more important things to worry's not getting any warmer out here, and you're not getting any more clothed. Maybe it would be prudent to head to the next town, so you can get some shelter, some warmer clothes, and give your hands some time to heal up.
If not, you should probably come up with a plan to avoid becoming an icicle!

So much to worry about!! What will you do?!
Dessert? Ha ha. You’re funny. No, really.

At any rate, le Narrator is right about one thing—there’s a lot to worry about. I didn’t have the time to sit and mope around. It was touching that the Pichu seemed concerned about me, though. I smiled down at it and stretched out a shaky hand, scratching the creature between the ears. It closed its eyes in contentment and smiled up at me. This little guy must not have had much to do with the wild Pokémon that attacked me earlier. I wondered if it even knew what I had done—or, perhaps, it had forgiven me.

Fighting back violent shivers, I slid my backpack off my shoulders and brought it around me. It only took me a moment to retrieve the blanket that had been given to me by my rescuers. The cold hadn’t touched it since coming from the enchanted meadow, and I felt some relief as I wrapped it around my body. It wasn’t exactly a jacket, but it should work—if the snow didn’t get it too wet. Turning around, I saw my team staring at me in concern.

I winced and looked at them apologetically. I had kind of shunted them earlier—but what could I have done? My hand was burning… They didn’t seem to take it personally, though. They approached me and commenced in Pokémon-type hugs: Freya landing by my side and wrapping her feathery wings around me; Critter rubbing his rock-hard body against my legs; Jayde bouncing up to my shoulders and tickling me with her whiskers. I felt Blaze’s Poke Ball grow warm, as if he too was reaching out to me.

“I’ll do better guys,” I promised them quietly. “I won’t let you down, anymore.” It was a silly promise, I know. But I would certainly try my hardest to keep it.

I was about to turn and leave when I noticed that the Pichu was still looking at us curiously.

“Do you want to come with us?” I asked, to which it cried out cheerfully. I chuckled softly, submitting, “All right.”

The Pichu hopped back, suddenly, its cheeks sparking. I was confused by this behavior, but it suddenly clicked. “You want me to battle you before I catch you—of course.”

The little mouse smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

I smiled back. It was true that we were worn-out from our previous battles, but I had to admire the little guy. The least we could do was try. “All right, then. We won’t go easy on you, though! Go, Jayde!”

The bug leapt from my shoulders and scurried towards the waiting Pichu. The mouse Pokemon made the first move, racing forward and pecking Jayde on the forehead. I furrowed my brows in confusion—but noticed that Jayde seemed just as confused. The bug suddenly seemed uncertain on its feet.

“Sweet kiss,” I realized. My memory did that strange clicking—as it always did when I battled. Suddenly, I knew all about Sweet Kiss and what it did to my Pokémon. Jayde had been confused.

“Jayde! Try to pull it together!” I called out to my bug. “Attack with Bug Bite!”

The bug stumbled forward, but ended up falling on its face. The Pichu rushed forward and whacked her with its tail.

“Harden, Jayde! Harden!” I continued coaxing my Pokémon, hoping that a defensive move would be easier for her to understand. It worked—the bug tuckered down and stiffened visibly, her carapace becoming harder.

“That was clever,” I honestly complimented the Pichu. “But this status problem won’t last long.”

The Pichu seemed buoyed by my compliment, but was heedless to my warning. Ignoring the latter, it charged its cheeks up and prepared an electrical attack. My heart raced faster as I watched electricity flash through the air towards Jayde. An electric type! I was all the more excited to add this Pokémon to my team! The electricity struck Jayde… but the bug was entirely unaffected.

“Jayde’s part ground-type,” I explained when the Pichu looked on in bafflement. “Your electric moves won’t effect her! Now, Jayde! Dig!”

Having recovered from her initial confusion, Jayde burrowed into the ground. The Pichu glanced around worriedly as the bug disappeared. It was helpless as the Nincada suddenly burst out of the ground—the attack was swift and to the point. The mouse fell to the ground, looking dazed.

Now was my chance! Taking one of the treasures I received from the Emissary, I tossed a Friend Ball at the Pichu. In seconds, it disappeared into the capsule.

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