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*Alright lets fix this story man !*

Logans path through the woods seems to go deeper and deeper until reaching a dead end. Logan found himself surrounded by tangled trees and was getting ready to turn back he heard a chopping sound.
"Ma Ma"

Soon he would see branches split apart as a little Makuhita coming through. The tough little pokemon came through looking at. He seemed to holding something. As you get closer you notice it is holding a bag. The pokemon drops it in front of you. You open it up and notice its the bag of the trainer you were worried about.

Could he have gone this way ???

Makuhita seems willing to help you out and find the trainer, but it seems a little unsure of you. Do you convice it to help you lead the way ??
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Tying up loose ends

Logan, first and foremost, wondered how, exactly, an item that he had in his bag had been lost. He figured it must have fallen out of his own bag. He checked it, and sure enough, it was no longer there (though the trainer's Leaf Stone was). Perhaps this was the owner's Pokemon?

Or perhaps this Pokemon was just hopelessly lost? These guys only appeared on Route 3, but it sounded feisable that it would appear here if reasonably scared away from Route 3 and through Navi Town. This was as equally feisable as this being another Pokemon owned by Glomm's Trainer.

Glomm himself/herself was either up and at them again, still upset about his/her evolution, and the Makuhita was just the Trainer's wildest possible attempt at Self-Defense...or was just a wild that wound up tangled in this mess completely by accident while massively displaced. Or else, that thief had a buddy, and he decided to kidnap Glomm's Trainer instead of just steal his Pokemon, and the Makuhita was either the Thiefs, Glomm's Trainer's, or just some random, displaced wild witnessing it. Or something else dragged the pair away, which is what either scared the wild Makuhita all this way, or else inspired Glomm's Trainer to release it...

No no no, one thing to worry about at a time. Reasons and explamations later, solutions now.

Buddy was still out and about, and Aromatherapy would be his best bet at calming it. That move released invigorating and incredibly nice scent, and unlike the luring effects of Sweet Scent, Aromatherapy was completely beneficial, removing certian conditions of the body (like Paralysis).

"Buddy, Aromatherapy." Logan said to Buddy. Buddy complied, releasing the incredible scent quickly. Logan had to back up the action with reassuring words, and in order to get what he wanted, a small plea of what he asked of it.

"Hey there, little fella. I was wondering if you knew who owned that...I'm kind of worried about what happened to him, he was right here...He couldn't really have moved, he had Stun Spore on him as well, last time I was here..." Logan said. Indeed, the tracks ended here, abruptly (as expected-this was where the chase started), and the way he took to even get here from the trail proper was marked with Divebomb's Leech Seeds. He could also make out faint traces of Stun Spore and Sleep Powder on the ground, meaning this was DEFINATELY the spot.

"...Can you help me at all? Do you know where he is or where he went? I won't hurt you, I won't do anything bad to you, I promise...You don't have to tag along if you don't want to, you can just point which way he went, if you don't want to come along..." Logan said, making sure he had options. Ultimately, he'd want the Makuhita to lead the way, but in case he was too timid to do so (for whatever reasons), he, at least, would get directions.
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