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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: James
Gender: Male
Description: Tall for a 15 year old, but physically weak. Has straight black hair, and green eyes. Usually wears black jeans, and a black hooded jacket. He has black and green headphones which are usually sitting on his neck.
Personality: James seems emotionless. He rarely becomes attached to people. He has seen people live and die, so deaths of others don't upset him too much, but he rarely is ever 'happy'. He is usually in the 'grey zone'. However, he has a strong sense of morals and justice. He won't cause unnessecary pain to someone who doesn't deserve it. He also has a strong sense of loyalty, and will honour a debt. When he is in the proxy mindset, he has no control, and will often go too far with what his orders are. But his sense of loyalty remains in this mindset, and he will not harm someone who has stopped him from harm, and will stop anyone from harming them (even slenderman)unless he has already returned the favour...
History: When James was 4, he and his parents went camping in the woods. In the middle of the night, Slenderman attacked his parents, whilst remaining invisible to James. James parents were impaled on trees. Slenderman then turned James into a proxy, but the mindset wasn't used. A few days later the police found James and his parents bodies. James grew up in an orphanage from then on, and on his 15th birthday, the proxy mindset kicked in for the first time. As far as he knows he blacked out, then woke up at Silent Hill. In reality, the mindset took over. He murdered some of the employees at the orphanage, and torched it. He then disappeared. He woke up at silent hill a week after this.
Additional Information: James has nothing with him, except the clothes on his back.
Before I approve of this, you might want to read up on Proxies. Here. It says that in a Proxy state, the Proxy has a 'black out' of sorts and that there is an alter ego, so to speak, created for this time. So for one to keep morals that they have during regular life would be near impossible.

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