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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post
2) Becoming a Proxy
a) No longer hunted by Slenderman
b) No longer affected by Slender Syndrome
c) Most monsters of Silent Hill will no longer attack a Proxy, save very strong ones or ones that have the most base animal instincts
d) More resistant to physical injuries
e) Increased strength and stamina
f) The ability to travel to Slendermanís domain and, from there, into the Real World

a) When the Proxy mindset takes over, the character will be unable to remember what they did during those timeframes
b) Unless of a very strong will, Proxies will be unable to ignore Slendermanís commands when under the Proxy mindset
c) Most Proxies cannot control when their Proxy mindset takes over, though it typically will not happen when in the presence of those who donít know the Proxy is working with Slenderman (generally, a Proxy and Slenderman will work in advance to determine when the mindset is active, though as long as itís not too often, players can decide when to activate the mindset on their own)
d) Proxies tend to be emotionally unstable thanks to their minds being broken in the process of becoming a Proxy. Those who have a higher will can usually hide their emotional instability
I don't know how clear I made it. I was going by this. what I meant was that this loyalty, and feeling of debt gives him the will to disobey. I understand the rest is an alter ego sorta thing.

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