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As the afternoon rolls on, nothing of extreme importance happens. Aron seems quite happy to be a member of the team, and the rest of your Pokemon seem hale and hearty. At lunch time, you decide to stop and rest for a moment. Your Pokemon wander about, investigating this and that while you watch on, enjoying whatever meal you've prepared for the journey. After a moment, however, you realize that Bug is nowhere in sight.

Now, where did that little guy crawl off to?

You get up and call your Pokemon to you, asking them if they had seen your Sewaddle. They seem just as confused as you are. Growing concerned, you wander off the path and search for your missing Bug. Your Pokemon spread out, looking for Bug as well.

Just as you come over a hill, you finally spot the little guy--but in a horrible predicament. Bug is surrounded by a cluster of very agitated Budew, and he isn't looking very well. One of the Budew, you noticed, seems to have a small bite on the "arms" folded above its head. Uh-oh! Did Budew mistake the Budew for a plant and try to eat it?

Bug has been poisoned! He will be unable to fight until you get him healed at a Pokemon Center!

A wild army of Budew appeared! [Uncatchable]

Trainer: JC
Currently: Wonders on to Route 5
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In Box

JC rushes over once he sees whats happened.
"Budew you have made a mistake. Bug is a just a captipiller he doesnt know any better !"

JC watches as the Budew seem to stand there round. Bug must have gone to far. This situation seems to only escalate as JCs pokemon arrive. JC pulls out pidgey.
"You will move one way or another!"

Pidgey circles around landing on JCs shoulder. JC moves in closer pulling a potion out of his bag.
"Maybe this can help heal the bite .."

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