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Default Re: Orion City Caverns

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: To the caverns!

I couldn't catch a battle with the Leader, so I figured it's be pretty savvy to go explore the caverns first. I entered the darkened entrance. I couldn't see a thing but the light from outside...Luckily, I had prepared for this.

"Statica, Courage, let's go!" I tossed the two Pokeballs up. The light from their Pokeballs was brief. "Statica, I'll need you to light the way with Flash!" I handed her the TM.

"Amph! Of course!" She absorbed the TM and handed it back. "Here goes!" Light began illuminating from her head and tail. I was now able to traverse the cave.

"Courage, I'll need your help moving that boulder. I saw a TM back there!" I pointed him towards the giant rock.

"Of course Corey!" he smiled. He let out a roar before he attempted to push the boulder. "WWWOOOF! STOUT!" The boulder was cleared. I grabbed the dusty TM.

'TM 41 TORMENT' The label read.

"Hmm, maybe I'll find a good use for this." I stashed it in the TM Case.

We then began our journey into the depths of a cave. I read that a man in the very heart of the cave will teach us Waterfall.
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