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The Makuhita looks at you for a moment. It shuffles around in the dirt before deciding what to do.

"Ma Kuhita !" You listen closely and can make out what he is saying.
(The bag was scattered all over the forest, the owner seems to have dropped it in a hurry. I can help you find the owner.)

The Makuhita seems willing to go along with you as you have been nice to it. It turns around shuffling back and forth heading to where he saw the foot prints. The little guy doesnt seem very quick but he is helpful. You help clear the path as you reach the point of where you find foot prints. You inspect the foot prints and start to get a little worried as the tracks seem to go all over the place. The Makuhita signals you to keep moving as it seems to have the a better sense of where to go.

You follow behind the slow moving Makuhita as it leads you deeper and deeper down the trail. After 15 minutes you pick up the a fresh set of tracks but pause as you can hear a strange sound coming from the group of trees ahead.
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OK, the Makuhita knew sign language, apparently. Which was a good thing, as Logan had a mute and deaf uncle and required some knowledge of it...It wasn't the most clear, however, as the Makuhita's fingers weren't as dexterious as a humans. The Makuhita told him, as best as it could, that the bag was basically thrown around the forest. The possiblities of what happened expanded...Though, Logan losing the bag and then having it tossed about the whole forest so vigorously didn't seem so logical.

Regardless of that, the Makuhita was obliging to his ultimate request of helping to find Glomm's trainer. Assuming the worst and without any help, Glomm himself/herself was going to either mentally break down beyond recovery, thrash his/her Trainer, commit suicide, or a combination of all of the above. Logan logically deduced it MIGHT be an overreaction, even for Glomm, to take it to those levels, however, and he definately hoped so. But there was a slim chance...Which meant he had to worry.

The Makuhita started moving towards a point, and Logan cleared the underbrush aside. The result wasn't good. The footprints of Glomm and his Trainer were scattered about, leading in all directions. Logan's heart fell. However, the Makuhita seemed to know which way the two ultimtately went to. He continued on directly ahead.


The Makuhita was slow, that was for sure. Slow, but sure. Newer, fresher prints had just been found again. Things looked good: He might find them if they stopped.

Then a strange sound-he couldn't really pick out the details, but it was a noise of some sort, a louder one among other, softer background noises. It irritated him that he had no clue of the situation by virtue of this. However, time was short. This was most likely where they were.

Logan approached, cautiously and ready to spring back assuming hostilities. Buddy was right behind him, fearing the worst was occuring and Glomm was rampaging.
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