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(Oh, wow, sorry! Just realized I made a typo back there--it should read, "Did Bug mistake the Budew..." Fixed! ^^')

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Wonders on to Route 5
In party:


In Box

JC rushes over once he sees whats happened.
"Budew you have made a mistake. Bug is a just a captipiller he doesnt know any better !"

JC watches as the Budew seem to stand there round. Bug must have gone to far. This situation seems to only escalate as JCs pokemon arrive. JC pulls out pidgey.
"You will move one way or another!"

Pidgey circles around landing on JCs shoulder. JC moves in closer pulling a potion out of his bag.
"Maybe this can help heal the bite .."
The appearance of a flying type breaks the resolve of some of the Budew--they know their weaknesses, and certainly don't want to risk their own well-being. The bitten Budew, however, does not stand down. He stares at you defiantly, his anger stronger than his fear. He does seem confused, however, that you're offering to help him.

The Budew watches warily as you take out the potion. He flinches as you try to spray him with the substance, but as surrounded by his comrades as he is, he can't run away. After a moment, you see his angry expression soften. The bite wound seems to heal right before your eyes. The other Budew chatter amongst themselves in happiness, relief, and awe. The lead Budew relaxes.

Your kind actions must have placated the Budew, for they suddenly start dispersing. Finally, you are allowed to get to your sickly Sewaddle. Yet one of the Budew seems grateful to you. It waddles up to you and drops something shiny at your feet before running off.

JC obtained 5 stars!

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