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Default Re: Orion City Caverns

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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: To the caverns!

I couldn't catch a battle with the Leader, so I figured it's be pretty savvy to go explore the caverns first. I entered the darkened entrance. I couldn't see a thing but the light from outside...Luckily, I had prepared for this.

"Statica, Courage, let's go!" I tossed the two Pokeballs up. The light from their Pokeballs was brief. "Statica, I'll need you to light the way with Flash!" I handed her the TM.

"Amph! Of course!" She absorbed the TM and handed it back. "Here goes!" Light began illuminating from her head and tail. I was now able to traverse the cave.

"Courage, I'll need your help moving that boulder. I saw a TM back there!" I pointed him towards the giant rock.

"Of course Corey!" he smiled. He let out a roar before he attempted to push the boulder. "WWWOOOF! STOUT!" The boulder was cleared. I grabbed the dusty TM.

'TM 41 TORMENT' The label read.

"Hmm, maybe I'll find a good use for this." I stashed it in the TM Case.

We then began our journey into the depths of a cave. I read that a man in the very heart of the cave will teach us Waterfall.
Into the caverns of Orion we delve, seeking a man who is said to hold the secrets of a powerful and mysterious battling technique. Okay, maybe not all that powerful, but you gotta find him at any rate. Once one of your Pokemon learn Waterfall, you'll be able to unlock new paths for your adventure!

Yet it is easier said then done. As you travel through, the light from your Pokemon reveals little more than rock and stone. You get the feeling that you're really quite alone down here... Sounds are distant, echoing, and surreal. Are you perhaps clastrophobic? I would hope not. It wouldn't be wise to think about how you are currently trapped beneath the earth, thousands of feet of rock and soil above your heads. It would especially be alarming to think that if a cave-in happened... No one would hear you. Heck, no one probably knows that you're down here...

A look! A distraction!

A wild Venipede appeared! You know the drill!
~Crawling across your path looking very busy indeed~

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