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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS] (Sign-Ups Now Closed. May Reopen)

Name: Leah Aalto

Gender: Female

D.O.B and Age: October 23, age 18

Hometown and Country: Montréal, Canada (but currently in Helsinki, Finland)

Personality: At face value, a stranger wouldn’t think much of Leah. She walks around with a monotone expression, weak tinges of emotion being the most expressive her facial features usually show. When asked a question, she will typically reply, but with a short, impersonal response. It isn’t hard to see that the girl would rather be left to her own devices, although not appearing much happier alone either.

Leah, in private, does have a habit of chewing her nails, though only when under pressure. They are usually ground right down. The trigger is usually achievement based, reaching for the highest grades or trying to impress at a concert. She has high expectations of herself and others, although less of the latter and more of the former. On top of notable amounts of parental pressure, the young woman is near OCD when it comes to perfection, which began after her father’s passing. Although better now, there are still moments where it stings, and when it happens, the blonde will try to repress the pain.

When her plate becomes less full, Leah softens up a little. She’ll show a bit more emotion and become noticeably friendlier, providing warmer response to social interaction. That isn’t to say the girl becomes a ray of sunshine, far from it, but she does appear more normal. Also notable is that she is much more relaxed, passive, and tends to be easier on both herself and those around her. Currently, Leah is actually in this state.

History:Leah was a bright child, which was detected and tapped into from an early age. Plenty of after school hours were dedicated to advancing her education and honing her talents playing the violin. Although this did advance her marks and abilities, it also left her with much less time and energy to peruse other possible interests and maintain close friendships. This isn’t to the girl had no friends, but didn’t get to see them too often.

However, it must be noted her parents weren’t abusive and didn’t demand total perfection, but were rather expectant none the less. As she grew older, Leah felt like she was doing a poorer and poorer job satisfying what was being asked of her. In fact, despite being knowledgeable, she was not longer a shining star in school, peers catching up.

Things only got bad, however, when Leah lost her father to a car crash at 15. After that, she began to try and achieve unrealistic goals in order to “not let dad down”, which lead to an obsession with perfection. Her mother, battling her own demons, didn’t notice the gradual change, and is still unaware of how bad it is. Although she’s allowed herself to grieve and the pain has eased (but not gone), the young woman still has this mindset.

For the holidays this year, Leah was sent over to visit some extended family in Finland, and is staying with her (laid back) aunt. After a mix up at the airport, the bag containing her “work” laptop was sent back to Canada, and is thus inaccessible. There wasn’t much Leah could get done without it, and without her parents around, she has more down time. While bored at first, the girl has started to enjoy this new routine…

Appearance: A combination of cool Canadian weather, spending days indoors and genetics has resulted in Leah’s skin being rather pale. She is slightly above weight for her height of 5’4, although this could be the result of a wider frame. Her face, although rather clear, does sometimes break out in a few blemishes in times of heavy stress.
Leah sports a sheet of straight, light blonde hair, which reaches a few inches above her elbows. She parts her bangs to the right and they rest just above her caramel coloured eye.

As for clothes, the young woman favours dark colours, especially for her pants. Speaking of, they’re usually denim on a casual day and lean a bit on the loose side, but aren’t to the point of baggy. Tops, apart from more somber colours, one or two white ones do stand out. On cooler days, she’ll also sport a camisole or black jean jacket.

Oddly enough, Leah likes red, and that’s most apparent in her accessories. Her watch has a ruby coloured strap, and satchel is a crimson and charcoal plaid. Sometimes, her nails will be painted a maroon, although considering her habit of biting them, it doesn’t last long.

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