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Name: Ira-Gaylen
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female [Assumed female]
Race: Tanzanite Gargoyle
Affiliation: Neutral
Image is mine. Steal and be crushed. I did not pick the best line art colours ever...

Ira-Gaylen is a fifteen foot long, seven foot tall gargoyle; eight feet if she stood up straight, with a twenty-three foot wingspan. Her body is a dark purplish grey, with black and silver specs in it, thanks to the granite and galena ore synthesized to create the bulk of her body. Tanzanite crystals of purple, indigo and midnight blue hues decorate her body, mostly along her joints, her wings and the back of her head and neck, even her knuckles. The gems change colour depending on the lighting and the angle they are viewed at, making her very beautiful to gaze upon. Her eyes glow with that of a lighter blue and lavendar shades, and change as the magic flows in her body. She weighs a good few tons, making her incredibly heavy, as so much as her extending a hand is a weight lifting chore all on it's own.
Personality: Ira-Gaylen is a very wise, paced and patient gargoyle, or 'scigren' as the species calls themself. She is able to wait for seemingly endless perios of time where others would most likely get up and walk out. Despite her age, which would be eons old if anyone really knew the number, she is rather quick witted, sharp and up with the times. This does not stop her from speaking in euphemisms, proverbs and general phrases that would confuse many or just make the next impulsive person rather irritated. She does not mind company however when asked to be left alone she often has good reason to. Ira-Gaylen will indulge those who prod enough as she believes the world works in mysterious ways. She is prompt to give advice to everyone, even sarcastically to others that happen to be branded as foolish, brash or reckless. At all times she retains a sense of calm composure, rarely breaking into fits of absolute anger or sadness. Lying is one of her strong points as she rarely does it and only when absolutely necessary. Ira also likes to speak her mind, and has no fear of that others think of her opinions and is always willing to debate when the time is appropriate. She may be difficult to make friends with, as her mannerisms are quite odd nevermind her hobbies. Despite her size and the fact she's made out of stone, she has a great capacity for gentleness and tentative care.
History: Ira-Gaylen came to life in another land called Skysea. As her soul matured to that of a proper gargoyle, mastering her magic of the tanzanite crystals, she had dreams of another place where she was being called to, one that required her help. Long these dreams plagued her until she met with dream speaking monks to help clarify the unusually misty void in her mind. Her calling was coming from another land entirely, one that had not yet matured and was still incredibly young. Ira went to this strange land and spent her time exploring it's vastness, teaching some about the magic's of crystals and their properties, as many of the gemstones were dormant, or dead. For centuries she mandered, looking and keeping away from the world where fear was growing more and more dominant. She watched wars wage on as a statue, peaces made and shattered while many died and were born before her. She knew her purpose had to be somewhere within this world, and she had to find it. Soon enough she came upon a large, vast town sometime in the medieval line of history. There was a tower, a grand and magnificent one with painted glass, stone carvings and arcs a plenty. Somehow, Ira knew this tower would be her home, and made herself comfortable within it's walls. She maintained the tower for another few centuries, and s the times changed and technology evolved, she remained the tower's keeper, and the new surrounding structures within the new city limits. Ira went on nightly patrols, repairing damage done by those of the unknown, as she called them, repairing what she could and would provided she knew it was caused by those who weren't reckless and looking for attention. Soon she came upon a small, morphing spirit from within the tower's bells, almost as if it were a ghost, but very far from dead. It was a familiar, and he had appeared when Ira-Gaylen needed him most. It was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain herself, her crystal garden and the city all in one night, so devised a clever way to keep herself well taken care of. Obtaining a laptop and an internet connection, Ira started selling off her crystals for high prices over the internet, being able to buy her own food and have her familiar, who she called Lexife, retrieve it for her during the day time, as gargoyle's only needed to sleep when they had no other magic left within their bodies. The lack of sleep was beginning to worry Ira, as when she came upon a rather unusual crater in one of the streets, she also found a dead body of a vampire. Immediately she could sense the ambient and rising fear within the city, and returned home after repairing what she could. Meditating on the idea of another war breaking out, but one that would expose an entirely new side of the world to human beings, Ira-Gaylen wondered if it was the time for such a thing to come, or if it was a premature start to something far worse.

Magic Abilities:
Crystogenesis: Can regernerate the crystals on her body when damage has been done to it, or generate excess crystals on the body for additional armor. She can also repair other stone and metals. She can also regenerate her body no matter how much damage has been done, as long as the 'core' or her heart has not been damaged or completely destroyed.
Negative Transmute: Transmutes negative entities, such as large amounts of fear or paranoia, into magic energy to be used either offensively, or defensively. This magic power can be stored in the crystals all over her body. She can also sense large amounts of negative energy this way. This also involves healing negative ailments out of another's mind or spiritual body by absorbing them, and converting them into power. Physical illnesses are another story.
Telepathy: Can comminucate via thoughts privately and can project her thoughts as sound, since she has no other way of speaking as no vocal cords. She can also detect psychic people if they are close by.
Clairvoyance: In a meditative state, she can see and watch multiple people through her third eye. She can also comminucate with various people and relay information between them clearly. She can only do this while meditating. This also enhances he abilities of other psychics if they happen to be somewhat near her as well.
Time Defragment: Tanzanite is meant to help people slow down, so she can slow time down around for a brief moment only around herself. No more than five minutes at most. This appears to everyone else, as that she is moving faster.
Harmonize/Mellow: Tanzanite is meant to balance and harmonize a group or person, therefore magic can slowly be seeped within a small vicinity to calm and steady a small group of people, should their emotions run high. The stone is also meant to mellow out people, so she can mellow out a few targets to a point where they zone out completely and are unable to percieve most of what is around them for a short time.
Natural Abilities:
Flight: Wings, self explanitory.
Stoneflesh: Ira is made out of a body comprised of an impala granite and galena ore synthesis, making her incredibly dense and heavy. Tanzanite crystals grow off of her body as well, making her a living tank of a boulder. She has no blood or vital oragans, and her 'blood' is actually special mineral water. Inside of her body is a tanzanite core surrounded in this water that holds her soul and magic spirit. She does not need to breathe and therefore cannot drown, however, Ira-Gaylen can't swim much at all. She is also incredibly dense and heavy, making it a challenge for even those with enhanced strength to lift her up completely, nevermind a portion of her.
Climbing: Gargoyle's can climb buildings so yeah.
Norcturnal: Ira-Gaylen is primarily nocturnal and therefore operate better at night than during the day.
Other: Lexife is a transluscent ethereal being who can change into real world animals, and of various types. Other than him constantly being a wispy bluish grey figure that resembles some kind of ghost, he has no special powers. He can turn into an animal and gain their traits. He appears as a completely normal animal to those who have no magic affiliation whatsoever, so he just looks like a normal cat to normal people.
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