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Default Re: Orion City Caverns

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: A blockage?

"Axel, I'll come too!" I shout to him. He looked back and smiled.

'I wonder what could cause a blockage all of a sudden...' I thought to myself as we climbed up the weak water flow. 'An Item, a Pokemon, a boulder? We can help. It's not problem at all. He was nice enough to help us learn Waterfall.'

I continue on and catch up with Axel.
Official's Post

Axel leads you down a winding path. Once you pass the emptying river you find a rockey path. Axel beings to climb the rockey path. You move carefully as you follow behind. Climbing up the path seems a little dangerous but you are really curious of whats on the others side.

As you reach the top Axel helps pull you over the edge. When you see whats on the other end you are shocked. A giant onix has some how got itself lodged between two rock tunnels. As it calls out in pain you realize its stuck.

Write a paragraph about helping the Onix out. Can't capture it.

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