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Default Re: Weather Wars: Return of the Weather

Until the end, This is just about entirely aimed at your second paragraph, just a heads up.

While being anti meta doesn't make something great, it's what the current state of the meta is that makes something great or terrible. For example, if sun was the dominant weather then hail would still be anti meta, but it wouldn't be nearly as effective. However by the same token, if we took a "great" Pokemon, such as scizor who was Ou for god knows how long and was thrown into the same meta where sun was dominant, I wouldn't be surprised if it's usage was low as well. My point isn't that hail or sun is amazing or that scizor is terrible, what I'm saying right now is that everything in the current meta makes some things better and some things worse. At the moment (and I think when this was posted, bw2 came out by July right?) rain is the meta, so hail is a fairly strong yet underrated play style.
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