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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(This was WELL overdue. As I literally have access to a whooping total of zero consious Pokemon, I'll just write it out. :P)

All KO'ed

*Trying to recover from the Regret-Belt's attack* Terriffic...

*Regret-Belt attempts another Vine Whip, aimed at Markus.*

*Regret Belt misses, going over Markus'es head-Markus takes the vine and finds Regret-Belt physically weaker than him.* Oh? Heh. Unlucky day for you!

*Markus toes Regret-Belt in, against its desires, but Regret-Markus attempts to pull backwards and save his 'buddy'. The Real Markus approaches while towing in Regret-Belt to counter this*

*Markus'es hands wind up sweaty for whatever reason, and Regret-Belt's vines slip out of his hands, with recoil to Regret-Markus for not expecting it. The Real Markus rushes the latter, only for Regret-Belt to knock him back with Razor Leafs, cutting him.* Ugh! Owch...

Hah! *Markus ducks under another Vine Whip, and catches on again-this time, he rushes forward with the added momentum of the returning Vine Whip, tackling Regret-Markus. They tumble over each other briefly, but Markus comes on over Regret-Markus.*

*Markus immediately stomps on Regret-Markus'es neck*...Well, this is going to leave me some weird dreams tonight...*Markus is attacked by a back-hand Razor Leaf from Regret-Belt*

*Markus realizes the door is right in front of him and gets behind it, closing it before Regret-Belt's full wrath can be realized*...*Breathes a sigh of relief, and continues onward*
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