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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(I guess giving Markus an ember when he can already do a Sunny Day fair to the end of making Markus slightly stronger with Psychic Powers. It is Pyrokinesis he's primarily using, after all.)

All KO'ed

Ah s**t. *Narrowly evades Hitmonlee's kick, but gets caught square in the jaw with a Sky Uppercut from Hitmonchan.* OWCH!

*Hitmonchan tries a Fire Punch. Markus dodges, wishing his own Pyrokinesis was that good.*

*Hitmonlee connects with a MEGA kick while Markus was dodging the Fire Punch* OOH! Ow ow ow!

<*thinking* The Agony! Are these...Bruno's Pokemon?! Just like, brief memories of two of them? They certianly act like it, one attacking so the only way to dodge is right into the other's attack...I've got to get rid of them, quick.>

*Markus Jumps over Hitmonlee's kick, and manages to get a lucky catch on Hitmonchan's Sky Uppercut. Hitmonchan gives a look that says that this wasn't expected. At all.*

*Markus takes the Hitmonchan and uses it like a shield to protect against the Hitmonlee's kicks.* How you like me now?!

*Hitmonlee kicks through the Hitmonchan and connects with Markus'es stomach* OW! *Refuses to let go of the Hitmonchan, dragging it along, attempting to strangle the Hitmonchan to its demise.*

*Hitmonlee gets two more kicks in, knocking Markus down on the floor and freeing the Hitmonchan before Markus does it properly. Markus tries getting back up, but gets kicked down again, in the back, by the Hitmonlee* Ugh...

*Gets punched with a Fire Punch by Hitmonlee*


*In the back*

*Markus thankfully did not break his back completely and paralyze himself from that brutalization, but is having trouble moving, considering a few cracked bones. He's angry. As usual.*

*The Hitmonlee moves for a fatal attack, not even realizing that, of course, killing Markus also kills it and all in his mind*

*Hitmonlee's eye suddenly catches on fire-Markus'es work. It tries to put it out as Markus gets back up, not explicitly raring to go but ready to murder the two*

*Markus creates a small ember in the palm of his hand, and turns it quickly into an Ember attack, aiming at the Hitmonchan, while the Hitmonlee deals with the fire in its eyeball. Hitmonchan dodges expertly and counters with a Fire Punch. Markus dodges the counter and attempts the measely-yet effective Ember again, at close range. This time, it hits, burning the Hitmonchan's arm.*

How you like them apples?! *The Hitmonlee kicks his leg, having 'recovered' from the fire in the face. He keeps Markus pinned down thus, so Hitmonchan can punch him out. Markus attempts to get back up, and tries setting Hitmonlee's foot on fire to remove him. This works. Markus is also on fire, however, due to the miscalculation that his foe's foot was still on his back. He rolls out of the way of the incoming Thunderpunch from the Hitmonchan.*

*Looking at the Hitmonchan's glove, inches from his face* <...That was close...>

*He makes another Ember and aims it at the Hitmonchan's good arm (the one outstretched, inches from his face). It connects, and both of Hitmonchan's arms are now weakened. Markus gets up again, quickly, before Hitmonlee's kick kills him. It still connects, straight to the chest. Markus is sent reeling, but still standing.*

OK, now for yoOW! *Makrus got hit by Hitmonchan's Fire Punch, not expecting it to actually attack*

*Markus counters with a simple punch. Markus lands it square in the jaw, knocking out the already weakened Hitmonchan.* Yes!!! *Gets hit in the jaw with Hitmonlee's retaliatory kick*

...Now I know why he said I'd need Focus...*Markus dodges another kick, and attempts an Ember in retaliation. Hitmonlee also dodges*

*Markus dodges a second kick, and moves in for a punch*

*The Hitmonlee punches Markus before he gets into range*

...No Fair...Hitmonlee do not punch...*Markus gets hit with another one of Hitmonlee's kicks, knocking him back into a wall. Markus is struggling. The Hitmonlee prepares for the killing blow.*

*Markus sets the Hitmonlee's eye on fire again, blidning it briefly-it was the good eye he burned*

*Markus slowly turns around, just in time for the Hitmonlee to put the fire out of its eye, rendering it effectively blind. Markus embers the Hitmonlee, enforcing the burns further. It doesn't do that, nor hit the eyes, but gives Markus enough time to go in for a knockout punch*

*It works*

*The Hitmonlee Fainted!*


...I hope I never have to do anything like that again...Not even if I'm paid...

*Goes through the next door, advancing onwards to Dredd.
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