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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location:In a room under the main level of the tunnel.


Chrome Team follows the Unown through the door. As the cross into the door Seth sees the Green Ursaring. He reaches for his belt to grabs his pokeballs but is thrown back againts the wall.

Luna and Frita hit the ground soon after. Unown V zooms out of the way. Alyssa stands there looking into the dark. The Green Bear moves into shadows and a dark voice echos through shadows.

"Welcome Meghan..."

She feels a chill run down her spin.


(charmander you are going to have let me give you as starting point here. because the group is in an underground room. It would be hard to see them there. Also normally people need to get a pokemon from us to start. I think the best way for you start would either be you were following team chrome or you are searching for Noctwol Man/ Shadow Guy)

Lee has made his way into the runis tracking the movements of the Dark Noctowl Guy. With the Cyndaquil and Ledyba that Elm gave him he has been on a misson the young pyschic has been on a dangerous path following rumors and stories of the dark mans path. Now he is on a crash course with Team Chrome as he has entered the Ruins.

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