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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 38: Lucidity]

Caught up, yaaaay! :3 My my, what a big surprise. Altair is alive, but he sure is a dummy. If he put Darkrai, with spells, into the Underworld, then with him gone, it's possible for said spells to grow weaker and eventually dissipate. Bad news indeed.

And honestly, I'm with Rye on this one. It's a dumb move for what he did, although acting out in anger...Well Rye is pretty hurt with everything.

Also, pffft, a tainted Light Pokemon could defeat things. Totally. Light AND Darkness? HELLO AWESOME.

Question, when it says "other half", is she merely stating because she has feeling towards him, or that all Light Pokemon form a type of bond, and the same for Dark Pokemon? (Er, natural ones anyway).

“Then…has that how Deoxys has always found me? What can I do about it? I didn’t know!”
I think you meant "is" there :P

Good work, keep it up :3 (Hey someone had to revive this thread :D )
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