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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Hey I am very interested in signing up, but I was wondering if there are any restrictions on powers?

Eg if I wanted to have a human who was trained by his father in elemental magic and transformation. He excelled with fire magic, but only learnt the basic water, earth and air magic. So he can generate and manipulate large amounts of fire, and can manipulate small amounts of water earth and air. He can also shapeshift, and take in the form of certain animals. However any wounds, scars or tattoos on his body will be present. The character also requires practise to have an animals abilities. Eg at first he won't be able to fly as good as a bird but after a few times he will be able to fly better. Also: if he turns into a wolf, other wolves will know he is a human. Same with other creatures. He will also have the scent of a human at first. After about 4 hours he will start to smell like the animal he has shapeshifter into though.

Is this too overpowered?

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