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Default Re: [WAR XI WINNER] Guardian Units of Nations (Now a Sonic Group - Please Join!)

I don't understand the whole "panties in a bunch" fans throw.

Heck I'll come out and say it. I DID NOT MIND CHRIS THORNDYKE. I actually enjoyed the little bonding that happened - and the fact he had his own baddonkey moment (he ripped himself free of metal hinges, and effectively electrocuted himself getting the emeralds away. Seriously. He was what, TEN?! That's...That's gutsy, I'll admit. One of my favorite episodes, partly because Sonic got the fudge kicked out of him).

I enjoyed Black Knight immensely - wish I owned it - as it had a nice plot, and also the fact it's got a boss I still can't beat >.> Secret Rings, on the other hand, I really don't like.

I haven't played '06 yet, actually, but I intend to eventually. Yes, I know what I'll be getting into. The only thing that'll drive me crazy is probably the ball puzzle with Silver...but I know of a glitch to get past it :3

So, as of now, my most hated game is NOT '06. I can't judge it completely because I don't know the controls. Secret Rings I detest from personal experience.

And for the record, I really enjoy Shadow's game. I own it XD But, yeah, The Ark is a very confusing level...I'll admit that. X_x

Also, just putting this out there on the issue of financial woes: SEGA never went bankrupt. I can't tell you how often I heard they did, but they didn't >.<
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