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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Leading the way

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Red leads the team through rocket base. Using are hard elbow Red knocks in the door.
"Normally I would be worried but well the grunts are going to be storming this place soon."

In side the room Jacen finds that he is back in the room he got grabbed in. Red picks up a box and tosses it over to them
"take one"

Item Unlocked (Late Xmas Gift)


"Team Rocket has been stock piling this these things, no point in not be prepared."

Red keeps looking through the boxes until he finds his back.
"Oh Sweet !"

He tosses the ball

The eevee jumps out of the ball its sees Meg and rushes over to her. she ignores red.
"aww Vee are still mad..."

Red pauses.
"We heal all your pokemon in the labs"

With Eevee out in front he has no problem getting through first batch of Rocket.

Once they are in the labs. Blue Team finds machines to heal their pokemon.

( We talked about that power before, its to much. I guess in your mind its okay but outside your mind or maybe while your in this body but it can not be apart of your normal powers its way to strong.)

Markus moves through the doorway. Into a room that is pitch black. In the background he can hear the sound of clapping.

*Creating fire is impressive adaption of your power. Focusing your anger into fire is a step closer to where you need to be.*

Markus is blinded as a flash of light shoot through his mind.

*No amount of force is going to get you through this last stage. Your fire is a neat trick but on the outside world it means nothing. You must learn a new trick. You must be able to focus the one gift you do have. The power to create will not be leaving here until you have created one that stops this creature from destroying you. *

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