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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(I'll just assume that the Makuhita belongs to Glomm's Trainer as well. Hopefully I did this right...)

Logan Falchino
Kunai (Asleep) KatAna (Asleep) Divebomb (Asleep) Buddy
Exciting, yes. Fun, no.

Logan let the Makuhita lead on shear politeness at this point, though he KNEW that he'd be going MUCH faster had he taken point. That being said, he’d be going as fast as his slowest member, so that probably was counterintuitive. Regardless…He disliked the paw-shaped footprints That were intermingled with Glomm's and his/her trainer's. That implied something.

"Ma ku hita!! Maku maku!" went the Makuhita. It was clearly terrified of something.

"Roof woof woof! DooOOOOOOOOOOOoour!" Went the something. Logan's back hairs raised in lethal points: Houndour. They were hunting. Even the most experienced Trainers were going to cringe at that prospect: Sometimes there were so many of them that even eligible champions (and in one case, a honest-to-goodness Champion) were murdered by the flurry of strikes from all directions. Logan had a Makuhita that clearly was terrified of them (though could easily lop off some super-effectives), and Buddy, a Grass Type that would make for some easy tinder by the standards of the Houndour (but could use Stun Spore to incapacitate the lot of them)

He kept on, hoping that they were a small group, and a weak one, and weren't being lead by a Houndoom. Any of those would be an instant-death scenario for Logan. He ran ahead, Buddy managing to keep his pace, and he could hear the Makuhita doubling pace as well (though, he was still the slowest). He pushed aside a dense cluster of foliage, bursting through like an action hero, and...

...Found himself flanking the backs of a small, Houndour-only pack, barking their lungs out, who had managed to corner the Trainer and Glomm in a small indent in a small dirt cliff, root overhead. Glomm was burned in several places, and the trainer was directly in front, either because he seriously wanted all of the tension between him and Glomm over with and decided risking his life would work to that effect, or else that he 'knew' he'd be taking more hits than Glomm because he was the physically stronger of the two (but of course, he probably did not anticipate how painful Houndour flames were, and how long the pain lasted afterwards). This wasn't the horrible, horrible scenario Logan thought it would be: of course, this was a terrible occurrence, but both were still alive, there wasn't a Houndoom leading the pack that he would have trouble dealing with, and the fifteen Houndour hadn't detected him yet despite the run. All he needed to do was have Buddy silently hover over them and use stun spore. No problem whatsoever. He almost breathed a sigh of relief, but knew that he shouldn't trust the scenario to be what it appeared to be just yet. Nevertheless, he still had the most viable solution (Stun Spore) to work with.

"Buddy, Stun Spore the Houndour." Logan said, whispering over the barks of the Houndour, loud and plentiful enough to keep his cover. Buddy complied, starting to create the spores. This looked too easy, almost.

"Mak! Hita ita! Makuhita kuhi uhita mak maaaaaahhhk!" Went the Makuhita, blowing Logan's idea and cover wide-open. Several Houndour realized that Logan was directly behind him and faced him, eager for extra meat.

"Ah, Brick! You had to blow it!" Went Glomm's trainer, pointing directly at the Makuhita-easily identified as Brick-and by proxy, revealing Logan's location even further. If it wasn't completely blown already, his cover was long-gone now. The Houndoom approached, leaving five (out of fifteen) away from the Stun Spore. It was too late for the other ten, however, too far back, and the spore got into their system all to easily, screwing their nerves and paralyzing them. Logan had the other five to deal with now.

Brick reprimanded his mistake of giving Logan's position away by proving he was an admirable combatant, quite immediately: He immediately waded into the range of all five Houndour. Albeit they practically danced around his location, the first one that got into the range of Brick's hands, attempting to bite him, found his face instead buried in the Makuhita's palm, three repetitive times, with surprising speed. Arm thrust. It went down afterwards.

That left Logan with four to deal with. Logan's kick prevented one from biting him, but gave two others just the same opportunity. The Leg he kicked with was the same they targeted, and he hurt.

"Ow!" Logan yelped, shaking the Houndour off of his leg. The blood coming off of his leg did dishearten him slightly, but that wasn't anything some bandages couldn't take care of. Buddy approached, with intent to heal.

"Buddy, can you attack the Houndour? they won't stop until-Ah!" Logan said, dodging a bite attempt by two other Houndour. Buddy nodded, but frowned at the concept of attacking. It immediately began glowing the same way the Oddish did when it tried attacking Kunai with one of the drain attacks, but it was a stronger glow this time: Logan could only assume it was a stronger variant of it. It's target was one of the Houndour, one just about to charge up some fire in it's maw, but was interrupted by the Drain attack. However, it was more irritated than angry.

"...Glomm, use Synthesis! Heal yourself, quickly! Don't worry about me, I can take a hit!" Said Glomm's trainer, attempting to reassure the (seemingly) scared Vileplume that it was alright. This caught the attention of the four Houndour, but the attention loss was in turnd the dooming factor of one of the Houndour, failing to notice another flurry of Arm Thrust attacks from Brick the Makuhita. Brick did not care for chivalry in the sense of attacking from the back wasn't very sporting, clearly.

"Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! MA!" Brick went, striking the Houndour five times, even though it went unconscious in three hits like the last one. The other three moved to pounce on Glomm and his/her trainer. Logan took two quick steps forward while the concentration was off of him to brutally step on the Houndour that got hit with Buddy's Giga Drain, which, considering its small head, was easily done with. It lived, but probably got a concussion from that.

"...Viiii...Viiii...Viiii..." Glomm panted. Even a healing move was taxing on the low energy he/she had left. However, it complied, knowing it would be better for her/him. Trouble was, Synthesis required a lot of light, especially sunlight. It was midday, meaning that, in the indent in the hole they were pinned against, there wasn't a way for sunlight to touch the Vileplume to improve Synthesis, flower aside. Healing wouldn't be as large as anyone (sans the Houndour) would want, but it would be better than nothing.

The remaining two Houndoom split up their duties between their barking: one to attack Logan, Brick and Buddy, and the other to assault Glomm before it healed completely. The two were swift, as one began using Fire Fang immediately after the quick exchange of barks. Glomm's Trainer dived in and took it to the side of his chest, while Glomm continued to use Synthesis. Logan swore a tear came down Glomm's face...The Trainer was still conscious, though. "Yowch! That hurt...Ugh!" he went.

The other one was taking advantage of Logan's break to see that scene to do the exact same action. Logan took it worse than Glomm's Trainer did, though: Aside from previous wounds, the fire seemed a bit more...Lively. More accurately, it burned Logan. "Hot, hot, hot hot hot HOT!!!" Logan yelled, trying not to do anything TOO rash in removing the Houdour from his side. Brick did just that, though without any kind of carefulness (again, a bandage could suffice here), and began beating it brutally. Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. WHAP! The fourth Houndour was down.

"Ugh...Buddy, Can you please use Aromatherapy? This burn..." Logan said. Brick the Makuhita waddled over to the last mobile Houndour, revenge for his trainer's wounds on his mind. Buddy was extremely happy to comply with Logan's request, sending out an invigorating scent with a healing touch. Logan could feel the scarred tissue recover, and felt quite nice. The scent's greenish hue extended to Glomm, removing some of-



Logan's head whipped to the ground, seeing that the Houndour, previously paralyzed by Stun Spore, were now very much active. Buddy put the Armoatherapy over the whole area, which helped pretty much everyone, including the very Pokémon that would rather only they were fine. Buddy looked completely cheery regardless of that, too: apparently, this was its intention; to heal EVERYONE on the field so they were nice and happy. It would have to be that much to even work at all, but it worked on the remaining Houndour pack, who weren't exactly happy about losing their ability to move for a minute. They started growling immediately, angrily resuming the full control of their bodies. Half stared down Logan, and half stared down Glomm."HOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooowwwwNDOOOOOour!!!" They roared, some already preparing to roast their foes alive.

"MAH! MAH! MAH! MA-aaah?" Brick went, taking down the last of the original five Houndour with Arm Thrusts, right next to his trainer, turning around to see the dismaying sight of the ten they dealt with done and over with. Synthesis was done, for all fortune it brought: Glomm was back on his/her feet and ready to deal out a few more moves. Logan doubted how strong the Vileplume was, however. Even it seemed scared by the concept of taking down ten Pokémon. Tts burns were gone and his/her wounds were somewhat taken care of now, but ten Pokémon?! Even if the Houndour were weaker by level, they definitely weren't by numbers and typing. Should any of them escape, it would bring nasty consequences. It was shaking, slightly, letting out pollen.

"S-s-Sleep Powder!" Went Glomm's trainer, equally terrified of the consequences of not doing it correctly. Glomm, frankly, obeyed without hesitation. Clearly the two were not in a good mood.

"V-v-Viel! VIELL!!" It shouted, franticly scattering its pollen everywhere. Logan took a step back, and Buddy hovered over the powder's range. It was panicking, almost too much, and the powder hit Brick as well as it's intended targets (and sent him to sleep immediately), but ultimately it hit every last thing that Logan, Glomm, Brick, Buddy (sort of) and Glomm's (and Brick's) trainer had wanted to hit. They were sound asleep, in broad daylight. Glomm didn't really realize this immediately, and cowered in a corner, fearing that one of them had somehow escaped the powders, fearing for a miracle, that its already shattered life would be spared. Glomm was his/her own miracle, though, at least this once.

Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Glomm's trainer, still bleeding from the bite but taking it in stride, came over to his partner, and gave Glomm his affection, quietly. Logan was just thankful this was over (and that he didn't wind up powdered again.). Buddy was looking at the Houndour in a way that suggested that it would use Aromatherapy to get the sleeping dogs up. Logan shoved it back into its PokéBall before that calamity occurred.

...Today was exciting, he officially decided...Not even slightly fun, but definately exciting...
Official's Post

*no the Makuhita was not his but ill solve this*

After the battle was over the young trainer walked up the sleeping pokemon. He smiled taking out a couple of full heals. Soon the pokemon were back to their feet. As the trainer stood there he looked over at Makuhita and then you.
"You know this little guys isnt my pokemon. I found his pokeball while running here. I think someone abandoned him. After the way you battled today, I think he would be better off with you ! "

The Makuhita steps forward.

"Maaa Kuu"

The little guy is released from his pokeball and wants to battle. Write a paragraph about the battle or capture.

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