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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Ember is classified as a weak attack, and Markus really just got lucky with burns (which severely cuts the ability to physically attack and wounds while it's around), but oh well! I'll get him to that point eventually, even if it tires him out...I never really saw Markus as an illusionist, though. Hopefully I got it right. If not, we'll call it a part of being in his own mind and henceforth having some level of control over what occurs within it. Also, yes, being extremely tired is a side-effect of using any Psychic Technique; it eats at your energy. The stronger, the more energy it consumes. Sounds reasonable.)

(Also, Brendon_g, for your conveniance, no longer. Dredd's bunnied you into setting the arena on fire as part of a distraction to buy your friends a bit of time. I suggest preparing for an onslaught.)

All KO'ed

*Looking at Moltres, a little too impressed to really focus on Dredd*...I can do what? Illusions?

*Moltres immediately sets most of the ground on fire* HOLY MOLTRES!!!

...I'm not sure if that was appropriate or not...

<*Moltres, in what Markus would describe as a Hoenn accent, and what we'd describe as a Spanish accent* I would think so, somewhat, but regardless of that, you're still quite dead.>

*Uses Fire Blast*

*Markus yells a string of profanities as he streaks to a not-on-fire Rock, dodging the Fire Blast by a narrow margin*

OK, Focus, Focus, ignore the flames...*Focusing*...Ignore them...*Focusing harder, thinking of Zapdos as one of the few things that Moltres would honestly care about signifigantly*...Ignore it...

*Moltres picks Markus up in it's talons without the latter realizing it he's so utterly focused, the former with the intent to kill him with a drop*

<*Creating the Illusion with an extreme degree of realism, by some miracle-most likely an effect of being in his mind and henceforth having the past thoughts of Zapdos to bring forth in tandem.*>

<*Zapdos (Really Markus using an illusion of sound to sound like Zapdos)* BROTHER!!! That one is MINE to kill, not yours!*>

<*Moltres* W-what?! I've already got him in my talons and you DARE to suggest it?! En guard! *Drops Markus at a non-lethal distance*>

<*Dropped, starting to resume consiousness of his surroundings, realizing that THAT level of focus isn't really required-followed immediately by an immense pain to his left side for being dropped on it. Markus gets up, keeping an eye to his illusion of Zapdos to make sure Moltres doesn't immediately figure it out when it has to dodge Fire Blasts, while very slowly making his way towards the door, making sure his Illusion.*>

*Uses Drill Peck at immense speeds beyond Markus'es comprehension and lands the attack, realizing that Zapdos is a fake* Wha-WHAT?! ...You've gotten the better of me, Markus, I'll admit that, but not twice! En Guard, coward!

*Abandoning the illusion but restraining his tounge, dashing for the door.*

*Using Fire Blast*

*Opening and Closing the door, narrowly evading the Fire Blast*

...Too close...Waaay too close...Dear Arceus, I am tired...
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