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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
(It's just Zayna who's wearing the blanket, btw ;) )

Official's Post


Marcus’ eyebrows fly upwards. “Just beginning? Is that so? Well, in that case, congratulations boy! What an exciting time it is for you!” He chuckles, “No, no—Umby’s never wrong! I think I can see it in you, too: the potential to be a powerful Trainer one day. Say, why don’t we return to the school? I could show you a thing or two about battling.”

__________________________________________________ _____________
Normal Trainer Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Visiting with Akmal and Marcus

I stood by waiting politely as Marcus talked with a Trainer who had appeared with an Umbreon. My thoughts began to stray when suddenly the stranger—Akmal, I believe—asked me a question.

I laughed weakly in reply. “Um, well… It’s a little chillier than I’m used to… and, well…” My cheeks probably blushed again. “I forgot to bring a coat.”

I really hoped the guy didn’t ask me how I could forget a coat in the middle of winter… It was a long and very complicated story that I’m sure no one would believe. Hoping to encourage a subject change, I agreed with Marcus, “Sure, I’ll come along.”

Being inside sure sounded nice right then.
Trainer: Akmal
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Currently: Visiting Trainer School again

"I see okay I won't asked why haha" Akmal laughed after getting some explanation.
"Sure I don't mind visiting the school again~" Akmal went to the Trainer school again with Marcus and Zayna.
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