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Default Re: The thing I dislike about B2/W2

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
As soon as I started the game, I couldn't go five minutes without either a main character or some random coming up to me from nowhere and give me things like I was some sort of charity. At first, I was fine with this - then it kept on happening. I can't do anything without some sort of assistance from someone who randomly decides to give me a TM. I swear you get the HMs of Cut and Strength within a few seconds of each other (okay, maybe a bit of exaggerating there).

It kind of makes me miss the older games where you had to actually look for items and moves. Remember Strength being hidden deep in the Safari Zone? Now you just get some random going "HI! HERE'S A HM! BYE!" then a few seconds later have them run into you saying "I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU THIS THING AS WELL!".

I feel like they're treating the gamer as somebody who is either a brainless child or a newcomer to the Pokemon games - I DO NOT want to be treated like a charity. To be honest, I just want to play the game, but instead I get jumped on by randoms interrupting me and giving me things.

Is anyone else somewhat irritated by this as much as I am? I've only just beat the third gym - please tell me the charity stops soon?

You get Fly when you head towards the bridge that leads to...wherever Clay's Gym is. xD I can't remember when you get Surf, but Fly and Surf are the last two.

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