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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Location: Ruins Maze... in a burial chamber with something else... A Green Ursaring?
Feral/Croconaw (able) Steve/Furret (able) Riot/Rhyhorn (able) Spindle/Ariados (able) Daze/UnownD(able?) Razzle/Wooper (unable)
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(Since my Unown went dark on me... is it still technically mine?)

Damien looked down at the bones unsteadily.
He looked up at the Green Ursaring and back up at the dark Unown.
Damien: "Isn't... this... desecration? What is going on here?"
He was hardly able to speak. It surprised him that his words were audible. It also surprised him that they were words.
He was unsure of how to deal with the situation.
He called out Spindle. She was obviously feeling the same fear he was. He considered trying to strike the enemy with his torch, but he wasn't sure what he was even fighting.
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