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Name: Manus Flynn.

Age: 35.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human sorcerer, with diluted (1/16) fairy blood.

Affiliation: He is primarily concerned with looking out for number one, but he is highly protective of Cathleen. Secrecy doesn't matter to him because he can play the advantages on both sides; however, if he were forced to choose, he would pick against secrecy.

Appearance: Manus is of medium height at 5'8", and he has a lean, rangy frame. His hair is pale blond, and he always keeps it tidy. His face is angular, relatively handsome, and freckled with a close-cropped beard, and he sports a pair of chocolate-brown eyes that crinkle with deceptive warmth when he smiles. He typically dresses simply but elegantly for shop work, and dresses as practically as possible for field work. He has a gash scar on his right cheek.

Personality: Manus is not a particularly good person. While he is not overly cruel, greedy, or rude, he is quite manipulative and ruthless in the pursuit of his goals. He is very smart, and knows a lot about reading people - even without his mind-reading, he is excellent at picking up cues in peoples' expressions and body language. He is highly charismatic and subtle, and has a way of putting people at ease with displays of somewhat-feigned friendliness. In truth he is a rather outgoing person naturally, and enjoys making new acquaintances. He does have a healthy dose of paranoia, and always does his best to be prepared and on his guard. His temper is difficult to fully awaken, but heaven help you if you attract his hate - he has a sadistic streak that he freely displays to his enemies. However, while he will not hesitate to kill when it comes down to it, he has two rules that he will not break: number one, children are completely off limits to him and everyone else; number two, he will never turn his back on family.

History: Many years ago, a young woman from Dublin fell in love with a fair man who lived in the country. They shared their thoughts, their hearts, their arms, and at last their love, and from their union was born Manus's great-grandmother.

After a time, the young couple was forced to admit that they could not spend their lives together. The young woman carried her child away from the land where her heart had been broken and took her across the sea to a place called America, where they could find a new beginning. The Flynn family grew, but fate seemed bent on reducing its numbers through tragedy after tragedy. Manus grew up with few relatives save for his parents, his twin sister Keelin, and his great-grandmother Isolde. Both he and his sister were introduced to and encouraged to participate in the Seelie Court and its magic. Manus took keen interest and his natural fae skills were honed, while the magic made Keelin nervous. The two grew apart in opinions as they aged; however, they still maintained deep connection and love for each other.

Manus's parents passed not long after he entered adulthood, taken in a car wreck that sent him and Keelin into depression. Manus became sullen and reclusive, but Keelin was buoyed out of her sorrow by love. She found someone - a young man named Thomas Fletcher, with whom she quickly bonded. When Manus found out, he was furious - not only was Thomas a werecat, a group that Manus didn't trust; he was a gang member. While Thomas withdrew from his gang to be with Keelin, Manus never trusted him.

Not too long Keelin had a baby - a little girl named Cathleen - Thomas disappeared without a word. A decade later, Keelin's body was found in an alleyway on the edge of gang territory, with bullet holes in her chest and claw marks on her face. Manus, in a fit of sheer rage, killed the gang leader and then hunted down every werecat he could find. After covering his tracks with magic, he left the city. For the first time he turned his back on his family, walking away from his great-grandmother and young niece. He even left the Seelie Court, although that was mostly because one of Titania's - Titania being the Seelie queen - nobles had made a deal with one of the werecats, which the latter obviously could not deliver on because he was dead. The noble was furious, so Titania was forced to act. she chose to banish Manus from the Court, although she never forbade him the use of magic.

However, months later he received a message from his great-grandmother summoning him to her home. He went, and she announced that she was dying - and that she was leaving Cathleen in his care. Manus wanted nothing to do with the child, but he reluctantly took her under his wing. He now lives in an apartment above his ‘house of curiosities’ store, where he sells psychic readings and ‘magical’ items. He does keep true magical things, but these are quite expensive and exclusively for magical customers.

Wizard Staff: The staff is Manus's second constant companion. It is a long, straight pole carved from oak wood. A polished sphere of smoky quartz is set in the top of it.

Silver Blade: A silver knife that Manus keeps readily available in his pocket. It was given to him by Titania while he was under her service, and it has been enchanted to slip through most magical wards, from disguises to weak shields. Titania called it Solas, which means 'light' in Gaelic. Cathleen has taken to calling it Sting.

Eternal Youth: Manus will not physically age beyond his current state. Ever. However, he is not immortal and can be dispatched by mundane methods like bullets and falling off of a tall cliff.

Fae Magic: Thanks to the fae blood running in his veins, Manus is able to make good use of the magic of the Summer, or Seelie, Court. This magic has themes of giving, light, and summer. He primarily uses mind magic; however, he is currently training himself to better use fire and wind magic.

Mental Manipulation: And how. Manus is extremely good at cold reading, and is fully willing to use his magical prowess to break the sanctuary of someone's mind in order to gain information about them or bend them to his will.

Inhuman Grace: He doesn't show it much, but Manus is capable of moving with a lot more speed and agility than natural humans. He is also fairly strong and capable of healing more quickly than most - unless he is wounded by iron, of course.

Iron Aversion: Like most fairies, iron hurts him to touch (as in, he will break out into painful blisters on even the most fleeting contact), and he can sense its presence. He will actively avoid being near it when possible.

Other: While it doesn't hurt him to touch, rowan also acts as a fairy-deterrent and consuming the berries in any form would poison him. Also, he speaks with a faint but extant Irish accent.

Name: Cathleen Flynn.

Age: 16.

Gender: Female.

Race: Werecat - a mostly-human capable of transforming into a full-fledged feline. Cathleen in particular has the second form of a lioness, which she can turn into and change back from at will. She is able to transform into a semi-human 'half-stage' as well; however, this takes much more concentration than maintaining one form or the other. She also has extremely diluted (1/32) fairy blood, but because her fae powers were never honed, she only retains marginal benefits/weaknesses.

Affiliation: Her primary allegiance is to Manus, as he is her only family. She is anti-secrecy.

Appearance: Here's one picture, and here's another.

Cathleen's most striking feature is her rather large hair. It is shoulder-length, of a golden blond color, and it is exceedingly curly and puffy. Her face shape is generally round, and her eyes are blue. Her skin is naturally on the pale side thanks to her European lineage, although it has a slight caramel-type tint to it; however, her stocky build and 5'7" height seem to have come from her father. Her eyes are blue, and she has a habit of rubbing them, which means that the adjacent skin tends to be the color of whatever concoction she's mixing. As for clothes, she tends to wear T-shirts and shorts or jeans - anything goes for pants, provided there are lots of pockets. She wears a baggy black longcoat over her shirt most of the time, and is very rarely seen without her leather satchel, in which she stores herbs.

In lion form, Cathleen looks a bit more average - for a large feline, at any rate. She stands at lower-middle height for a young lion - about 3'3" at the shoulder - and has a sleek, tawny-gold pelt. Her eyes are brown, like those of any other lion, and she has a short ruff of darker fur on the back of her neck.

Cathleen is not particularly nice or outgoing. She is inclined toward introversion and usually will not speak unless spoken to, which is perfectly fine with her. In fact, most of the time she will avoid company altogether. She much prefers the company of her music, her thoughts, and her books to that of human beings. With friends, however, or when she is feeling energetic, Cathleen acts a good deal less prickly. She's quick with jokes and snappy comments, although her opinionated and sometimes vulgar remarks can be taken as insulting. Most of the time she tends not to care what others think of her, often unintentionally regarding others as unimportant. She gets huffy and impatient easily, but is slow to become actually angry. When she does, however, she can be quite rash and even violent. However, she has a deeper side that is caring and philosophical. Whenever she tries to cheer up a sad friend, she can be quite gentle and kind. She rarely ever shows this aspect of herself thanks to her lack of actual friends. She is not a particularly brave person and unless directly confronted, she avoids fights as well as she can. She has been known to go on long rants, mostly about her political opinions or how she hates to be called a lioness because she finds the term 'demeaning'.

Cathleen was born to a rather broken family. When she was born - way, way out of wedlock - her mother, an Irish-American part-fae, lived with her father, an African-American werecat and former gang member. However, she barely remembers her father, as he left without so much as a goodbye when she was still in diapers. Her mother was heartbroken, but she still did her best, raising Cathleen with a loving hand and teaching her not to trust magic because of the way she had seen it change her family.

When her mother was murdered by a gang, Cathleen was heartbroken. She went to live with her great-grandmother, until in turn the old woman passed on. She was then taken in by Manus, and currently resides with him and is enrolled in the eleventh grade at a nearby high school.

Pocket Knife: She keeps a small knife in her coat pocket. The blade is made of plain steel.

Potions: Your mileage may vary on how weaponly these are, but she does tend to have quite a few potions on her person at any given time. The more dangerous ones include varying poisons and mixtures that explode into fire or smoke when thrown on the ground.

Shapeshifting: Cathleen can, at any time, transform into a lion. She is still very bad at maintaining anything other than one full stage or the other; however, she is working on perfecting this skill.

Telepathy: At short distances (within 25 feet) Cathleen can send thought-messages to others. If someone concentrates on a particular thought, she can pick up on it as well.

Alchemy: Cathleen has a good deal of skill in the potion-making department of alchemy. She can make a broad range of brews, which have magic-like capabilities such as healing, causing sleep, and granting strength.

Animal Grace: Cathleen possesses more natural grace, speed, strength, and stamina than the average human, which is due more to her being a werecat than her fae ancestry.

Cold Reading: While she isn't as skilled as Manus, Cathleen is no slouch about discerning others' motives and emotions. She can generally tell what someone is feeling whether or not she knows them. Close friends are a lot easier for her to read.

She is friends with a cat named Sable, a stray tuxedo tomcat with whom she sometimes talks. He has been known to follow her about.
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