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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(each of you will be lossing one pokemon. It will not be your starter, this pokemon will be taken by dredd as one of his shadow pokemon. You will be getting them back but from the point of your battle anything you throw at Dredd has a chance of getting taken from you...)

Name: Yellow
Location: Exploring the ruins


Yellow looks at the Markus.
"Can you feel it...Damien is in trouble..We must find him..The Unowns are starting to become infected as well!"

Yellow brings the Unowns in close and soon a glowing light shoots out. Yellow drops to her knees. Taking deep breaths.
"There...they are fine now...but the more of the Unowns that get infected the worse this is going to get... I can no longer feel the Unown that is infect it not one of us anymore..."

The shadow laughs.
*Hardly the case, This is more of a reunion.*

Noctowl jumps out of the corner glaring at Spindle who jumps behind Damien. Damien can feel the fear. He notices the dark Noctowl and gets the same vibe he did from the Unown D.
The shadow walks up to one of the tombs.
*Somewhere in these curse tomb is the a very rare stone that belong to my order. The Phoenix Stone will allow us to bring back whomever we want. Enough talking though.*

Damien feels a cold blow and is knocked out. Ursaring lifts him up and follows alongside Dredd and the Dark Noctowl and Unknown.

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