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Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp
Currently: Looking for stone tablets

As I take my first step into Route 1 I notice the scenery has changed, large lines of trees line at each of my sides and the cries of different kinds of Pokemon could be heard. I decide to take Rick out from his Pokeball and carry him in my arms for a while.

''How's it feel Rick, where you getting cramped in the Pokeball?'' He looks to be happy to be outside and is constantly looking around, he's seems as curious as me. While walking, I was trying to find the tablets that man told me about but the trees made the search harder.

As we continue through the path the trees make for us, the road seems to split in three paths. At the right there is a little field and I decide to take a rest there.

''Let's stop here for a bit Rick. We'll eat something and then keep searching for the stone tablets and maybe get ourselves another partner.'' Rick began splashing in excitement at my lasts words, it seems the thought of having another companion made him excited. ''Yeah, I'm also looking forwards to it.''

Entered Route 1 from Andromeda Town
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