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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Meghan puts in the disk. She knows she is running low on time.

(disk 3 starts to play)

Blaine sits in front of the lab computers

"Operation Tyrant was a disaster. Master Koga hardly escaped with his life. However with the discovery of the 3rd stone of power the Tyrant Stone, Subject D has become a viable option again. Two months have passed since the disaster that almost destroyed this base. Subject D has shown incredible abilities including advanced telekinesis, regeneration, and advanced manipulations that could trick the strongest minds on this plant. Subject Ds lust for destruction and ability to improvise are respectable but because of its personality flaws it seems more interested in chaos and casing raw fear than achieving any real long term goals."

Blaine walks away from the camera bringing back a file.
"We have recently come in contact with a agent that was brought back to the life directly by the Phoenix Stone. Although the operation on San Rios was a failure we now have data of the Phoenix Stones power and new test subject. Subject E, or the boy named Red has proven to be the perfect agent. His goals seems to be within our grasp, he also come with a bonus prize as Surge so elegantly put it. Red is being perused by the holder of the Tryant Stone. When she comes looking for the boy we will be ready for the next phase."

the camera shuts off and turns back on.

"As planned Red has now been captured, Meghan and her crew have been spotted heading towards Celadon and we have field agents out their looking for them to set them on the right path. We have also recently got our hands on Subject D. It was not easy as Bruno got involved. With enough force though the brute wasnt to much of a problem. Subject D is now in our holding tanks off site. When Meghan is found she will serve the purpose of first smarking an emotion response, what the link is open the Tyrant Stone she posses will be used to control the creature. Once a firm links is established we will take apart Subject D and begin on Subject E. As a side Note, Dredd and Meghan should both be put down so traces to this operation can not be found. Further more I recommend the same for all people affiliated with them. "

The 3rd disk stops.

Red stands shocked...
"Subject E?"

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