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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Wild wolves are as unpredictable as any untamed predatory beast. Wild ones are more likely to attack than anything else due to their predatory instincts. Anything they can make a meal out of they would, hungry or not. It's honestly really intelligent to stock up on food in the cold, where they can be preserved. All canids are beautiful intelligent creatures.

Tame wolves however, are MUCH less likely to attack. They're a lot like huskies if captive bred through a few generations. You can even have a wolf x dog hybrid. However, wolves are nothing like the dogs in affection, like every other canidae. Other canids when tested do not out preform the dog in affection.

Wolves and other canids do not look to humans for help. When meat is tied to an end of a string and is put in a cage, the wolf will try and attempt to obtain it itself. Dogs after trying for a minute or so, will look to humans. Dogs and humans have a special bond after evolving for thousands of years together.

If you're looking to find the most tame exotic animal out of wolves, foxes, etc, then you should go for the Fennec Fox. They are the most tamable exotic animal that you can get. Some even use litter boxes. They are very small, and timid. Though remember, all exotic animals are difficult to care for.

Nothing out preforms the basic house dog and cat in terms of affection.
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