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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Leading the way

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Red kept searching through the computers.
"I found it."

He brings the group over.
"Its the sealed room with all the goods in it. I need something from there."

Meg looks in seeing the Pearl.

Red looks at them
"Its risky i know but hey we cant just stay here. Plus this door is sealed we need another way out."

Blue Group takes off down the hall. Red using a scan card to open doors letting everyone get in behind him.

(also claiming dome fossil, late i know.)

As the group makes there way deeper into the back rooms. Red pauses.
"There you can heal your pokemon there Charlie, your too Jacen."

Red rushes up to a book shelf. He grabs a pokemball.
"alright snorlax come out."

the massive creature bursts through the shelf. Behind it they find a door.

"Girls and Jacen get back ! Hyper Beam!"

A flash of light fills the room. The blast knocks everyone down.


Stacy hears a voice.
*No, we've never met...but you look like your in pain...I think you know my friend Meghan.*

Markus eyes flicker.
*She is near boy. It is time to make a move. Make the guards fire at the tank so we can get out of here. It doesnt matter if the girl gets hurt she isnt Meg...we are so close I can taste it.*

Stacy looks at the tank she looks sad.
*Im sorry for whatve done to you. If you are a friend of Meghans you gotta stop them from getting to her. She is protecting something really important. Once they realize Im not here they are going to after her.*

In the back room Surge tosses Stacys stuff on a table.
"What am I looking for again ?"

Blaine shouts out.
"A shiny stone, you ape. Now hurry up and fetch it, we are starting to get a break through they are communicating."

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