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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Feel free to pass on any of them if you don't like them. I put up quite a few, so it is understanable. If you actually did create any of these that I managed to be so derpy as to miss feel free to let me know how much of a derp I was.

I was outside on a nice summer day. I watched ants peck at an earthworm. It was still quite alive, so I retrieved it from the ants. I began thinking, earthworm's are so common why is there not a Pokemon specifically for them. The closest thing to them is Onix which is labeled as a rock snake Pokemon. On the spot I came up with a three stage evolutionary set specifically for earthworms. The challenge is can you come up with an earthworm Pokemon, or perhaps an evolutionary set of two or three.

The second challenge was born from the same story. In this case I thought about why there was not an ant specific evolutionary set. The closest thing they have may be Trapinch which is an Antlion, not an ant, nor is it a bug type. I came up with a Two stage/ maybe three evolutionary set just for ants. The challenge is can you come up with a one, two or three stage evolutionary set for ants.

The third has a story of its own. My brother was mowing the lawn one day and ran over the tail of a snake. Luckily it only lost the tip. It was a non-venomous snake. My brain went, "Huh, why is it that all the snake Pokemon have been Poison types when the majority of snakes are in fact not poisonous." I tossed together an adorable normal type snake Pokemon. I noticed you have created a snake evolutionary pattern already so another would be redundant, but you can do this as well if you want.

The fourth challenge I present is a creature from the Australian outback. The kangaroo, the closest things to it would be kangaskhan because of its pouch or Breloom because of its similar body shape. The kangaroo seems to be a majestic enough animal to have a Pokemon based primarily off of it and be tagged as a kangaroo Pokemon. I myself have been unable to come up with an entirely original idea that isn't lame. To put it short the challenge is can you come up with an original pokemon based solely off of a kangaroo.

A fifth challenge... Madagascar is home to many very unique animals such as the underappreciated Aye-Aye. Literally as i am typing this challenge I am designing my own mentally. Can you take this uniquely evolved nocturnal animal and make a Pokemon of it?

The sixth challenge! Many generations of Pokemon has included an unconventional two stage poison type Pokemon. I have thought of a two staged unconventional poison typed Pokemon. The question is, can you take Poison typed Pokemon that is original, is unconventional and has at least one evolution.

I did not see any Fossil Pokemon, so as my seventh challenge. I challenge you to create at least two new original fossil Pokemon with at least one stage each as well as the fossils that they are born from.

Challenge number eight should be simple enough. The llama is a hard working animal without a Pokemon that I have seen. Would you be so kind as to gift this slave to man-kind an equally dedicated and hard-working Pokemon.
CHALLENGE TWO: Durant is the Iron Ant Pokemon [or something like that]. It is, essentially, a Steel Type ant Pokemon.

CHALLENGE FIVE: Not sure that would be a good one for me to do because an Aye-Aye is a lemur and I already have Lemoor and Heathtail.

CHALLENGE SIX: See Toxulf-Werewaste

CHALLENGE SEVEN: My fossil Pokemon are: Tigrowl+Sabriger, Dodo+Dododon, and Tazmoon+Tazmanite

CHALLENGE EIGHT: I JUST ADDED a llama Pokemon with the new set called Pllatama.
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