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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party( Razor(bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern)
Location: Chasing behind archie Onto Route 2
well we made it guys but now we gotta find some more pokemon, archie and a pokemon center if not some kind of medicine in case something goes wrong.
let's just take our time


Archie is quick and you find it hard to keep up with. As he rushes into the woods you lose site of him for a moment. You scratch your head trying to figure out where he could have went. As you stand there something hits you head. Not very hard but he enough to knock you over. You pause for a moment about to get upset but you notice its

Archie's Gulpin has landed on you. Your head is all sticky and you just hear laughing in the background. You get up, looked down at the happy little blood.
"Guuuulp Gllllppp"

You spot Archie in a tree 30 feet away. He points and laughs.
"Your it!"

Archie starts to climb the tree. Do you give chase ?

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