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Ah, yes. A boy and his karp...

The two of you rest a while in that little field, enjoying the second day of spring in the rays of the warm sun. The cold grip of winter has left Celestia behind, and now, as you glance around, you can see signs of life returning again. Leaves are budding on the trees, flowers are beginning to bloom. It's quite the beautiful start to your adventure, and both you and Rick are energized and excited.

Rick especially seems happy, finally being free from the Pokemon Lab and the Poke Ball he had called home for so long. He practically glows with excitement and pleasure with this opportunity to prove himself.

Rick has gained 1 Point of Wi-Fi Battle Experience!
We had spend almost a whole day here in Route 1 and we haven't made any progress. ''Oh dammit, we overslept Rick. Come on, get up.'' Rick let out a soft yawn before going back to his energized self. Somehow, it looked like Rick had grown a bit since yesterday.

''Looks like we are ready to go then, let's look for our next partner. That way you can also gain some battling experience.'' We started our search in the same clearing we were, looking between the trees and inside bushes.

Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp
Currently: Searching for wild Pokemon
Wifi Record: Pending till further notice.

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